BREAKING MLM NEWS: Former Black Diamond Joe Licciardi Sued By MonaVie

I was reading the Salt Lake Tribune the other day because a former MonaVie Black Diamond that I am friends with on Facebook, shared the link on his public Facebook wall. I read the article and did some more research about what was going on over at MonaVie.

Read the Salt Lake Tribune Article here.

Come to find out, Mon a Vie was in court last week with a former top income earner (ranked 30th in overall commissions) who is former Black Diamond Joe Licciardi, and they sued him because he posted some stuff on his Facebook wall about the new network marketing business he is promoting called Momentis Energy.

Joe Licciardi Sued by MonaVie

Joe Licciardi Sued by MonaVie

MonaVie Lawsuit 2012

The Salt Lake U.S District Judge Waddoups threw out MonaVie’s case against former Black Diamond Joe Licciardi. The judge said that “MonaVie of South Jordan had failed to show that Joseph Licciardi had likely violated policies of the company, which markets a nutritional fruit juice and weight-loss products to a network of independent distributors.”

Licciardi and his wife left MonaVie late last year to start promoting up and coming multi-level marketing energy company called Momentis Energy. In a recent interview with Business for Home, Joe stated this:

“We have come to realize that no matter how good a product is, and in a suffering economy like we are in today, it is extremely difficult to get people to change their buying habits, outside of their basic needs, because the moment they run into financial hardship, many will stop ordering that product.” Says Licciardi.

“The challenge of trying to grow, or even just maintain their auto-ship can become next to impossible. So for us to find a network marketing company that has an essential product or service which every household must maintain, was beyond attractive.” Says Joe.

I want to wish Joe the best of luck at his new company Momentis. Previously Monavie CEO Dallin Larsen said distributors of MonaVie are free to leave MonaVie at anytime to pursue other companies, but that does not seem apparent after seeing the company sue a former distributor this week.

Be careful Mr. Larsen, suing a former distributor over free speech is a touchy subject. You might offend conservative Americans and Mon a Vie distributors who feel that as American’s we are able to say what we want, whenever we want. And we damn right aren’t gonna change that fact to push your acai berry juice.

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