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What Is Mon a Vie: Great Biz Or Expensive KoolAid? (Updated after Jeunesse Acquired MYNT)

What Is Mon a Vie: Great Biz Or Expensive KoolAid?

Mon a vieWhat is happening guys!

Just wanted to personally say thank you for stopping by my web page today. I hope you find all the information and answers to the questions you may have in you head right now about the direct sales powerhouse company known as Mon a Vie.

So what is MonaVie?

Mon a Vie is a multi level marketing company that promotes a line of health juices, energy drinks, and weight loss products. They first opened their doors back in 2005 by CEO Dallin Larsen and his seasoned corporate team he put together. Having huge success since then, Mon a Vie was the fastest network marketing company to reach a billion dollars in total revenue.

Most veterans who follow the industry close like myself, realize that the climb to a billion dollars had a lot to do with industry leader and top income earner Brig and Lita Hart from the Amway business. Brig was one of the first heavy hitters to join at the top of MonaVie. Some people say that Brig received a “million dollar deal” to join Mon a Vie and recruit people from his massive Amway team. No proof of this deal has been found to my knowledge.

The crown jewel in the Mon a Vie health juices is the infamous acai berry found in the amazon rain forest of Brazil. Over the last few years the acai berry has become very popular over here in America because Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz recommended the acai berry on their TV Shows saying that they hold high amounts of antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients. Mon a Vie got some heat for this, when some distributors took it out of context by telling their customers and prospects that Oprah and Dr. Oz endorsed Mon a Vie, which is not true.

Is there a Mona Vie Scam?

Mon a Vie has faced a lot of criticism from the public along with many former distributors and network marketers. Many say that their juice has low antioxidants and not very many actual acai berries found in their $30-$40 per bottle super juice. Along with their weight loss product line called RVL, it didn’t taste very well the first time I tried it. It had a very chalk like taste and didn’t break up into a nice smoothie, but I have heard that the powder has been reformulated due to these claims.

Many career network marketers are also aware that Mon a Vie  CEO and Founder Dallin Larsen’s last MLM company (which also marketed a similar health juice) was shut down by the FTC by making medical claims on their website that their juice can cure cancer and other diseases. Hopefully Dallin Larsen and his corporate staff are more careful this time around. Wouldn’t want the FTC to strike down Mon a Vie for “curing diseases and ailments”.

I hope you have enjoyed this Mon a Vie review! Mon a Vie is still going strong after 7 years in business and have helped families around the world earn income, get healthy, and lose weight. We will see what the future holds for them..

I will see you on the beaches of the world my friends!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

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