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MLM Prospecting: How To Prospect Your Leads With Posture

How To Prospect Your Leads With Posture

mlm prospecting posture

So if you have found yourself on this blog post then I would assume you were looking for some tips and training on how to literally pick up the phone, call your leads and prospects, and pre qualify them for your network marketing business.

It is not as easy as it sounds for some people…

Calling MLM Leads

Some people have a fear of picking up the phone because they aren’t sure what the person on the other line is going to think about them. They stumble around, lose confidence, as well as lose control of the conversation to their prospect. You must show them that you are in charge of the phone call, and that you are the alpha leader.

If they start asking questions, remind them that you are the one qualifying them, and that you are the one asking the questions. If they have a problem with this, be sure to let them know your time is valuable and you will gladly end the call immediately if they can’t do it your way.

Think of it as you being the owner of a small business and bringing job applicants in for an interview. You ask them the questions, and at the end of the interview (phone call) you should feel confident in whether or not you are going to hire them for the position (promoter of your MLM).

MLM prospecting with posture


MLM Recruiting Tips that would make your up line SCREAM!!!

It sounds harsh for some people, but this is the only way to truly show your prospect that as the alpha leader, you are in control of the situation not them. You decide if they get more information about your business or not. You decide if you are going to follow up with them or tell them you don’t feel they are a match for what you are putting together.

Simply say no to the next 3 leads that come in through your marketing efforts. Talk with them, ask them your pre-qualifying questions and go through your script.And then go on to tell them that you don’t think they are a match for your business at the present time.Try this on for size…

Just imagine that for a second… You just told somebody with their credit card in hand, ready to join your company, that they are simply not allowed to join because you don’t feel they meet the criteria you are looking for. With that kind of posture, they will see you as a leader who doesn’t care if people join your business or not because you are obviously already making money with or without them on your team.

I hope this post has showed you some insight about how to control the situation, as well as how to save time and money by pre-qualifying all leads, and establishing yourself as a leader while on the phone. Change your posture, see better results… I guarantee it.

I will see you on the beaches of the world…

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

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