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Are MonaVie Leaders Earnings On A Downward Spiral?

Are MonaVie Leaders Earnings On A Downward Spiral?

So if you have found yourself on this webpage then you were probably searching around Google for some information about MonaVie leaders and how much they are earning per year. There used to be well over 100+ MonaVie distributors earning the million dollar per year mark. But in an updated chart for the top earners in network marketing, it looks like the leaders have dropped from being in the top 10.

MonaVie Top Income Earner’s Pay Drops:

About a year ago when I checked the top income earners hall of fame, it looked something like this:

Okay so this chart was from about a year ago or so.

As you can see, MonaVie leaders were covering the charts top 25. These were the only numbers available on the internet that I could find, and these were also identical to the numbers that my beloved MonaVie distributors have told me they were earning.

Now lets get to the juicy stuff…

For those of us serious network marketers out there, most of us read Business For Home’s website with the up to date news and controversies going on in our industry. So today I was reading my morning news, and saw that the creator of Business For Home, Ted Nuyten had posted an up to date list of top earners as of August-September 2012. Take a look at this chart and see what has changed:

It seems as though the former MonaVie top guy Brig Hart took a pay cut of over $10 million dollars… He seems to be doing other things though, like writing new books, starting new companies and maintaining his other companies like Salt Life and recently his son opened up a sunglasses company called WISDOM.

Brig was retired since his Amway run in the 80’s-90’s, he’ll be okay…

matt curtis leaves monavieHis right hand man Steve Merritt MonaVie Crowne Black Diamond on the other hand took a pay cut of about $2-3 million dollars per year.

Here is my take on the whole situation as I have been watching this unfold for years now…

Earlier this year, MonaVie decided to make Randy Schroeder the president of North America for MonaVie. He sent out some harsh, almost communist memos to distributors signalling that they need to make a decision… Build MonaVie and that is that. No other network marketing companies allowed, and no affiliate programs.

This caused thousands of distributors even high ranking MonaVie Black Diamond‘s to abandon the sinking ship. With the rules being changed as so, MonaVie distributors were only able to use their new ‘unified’ MVP training system created by Randy Schroeder himself. Although the tactics are out of date seeming similar to audio cassettes from Amway functions back in 1960, let them learn the hard way…

You see, most of MonaVie’s top income earners were using an affiliate program to help them generate qualified leads for MonaVie, and additional cash flow to fund their advertising and marketing budget for Monavie. So once ol’ Dictactor Schroeder pulled the plug on affiliate programs to implement his socialist form of ‘buy our system and our system only’ type of crap, a lot of MonaVie Black Diamond leaders jumped ship to other, more open minded network marketing companies.

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This obviously decreased the amount of cases of MonaVie juice on their bigger and smaller legs, causing their incomes to decline sharply. They are trying to even out the losses by lowering costs and adding more points or something to their EMV energy drink line (great stuff by the way)

Will these tactics save the company or has MonaVie reached their peak?

I will see you on the beaches of the world my friends…

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let me in now

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15 thoughts on “Are MonaVie Leaders Earnings On A Downward Spiral?

  1. Great product(the monavie active juice)but no interest in the business.It is very cultish,creepy,clickish,deceitful stuff.Most do not make much money,except the top guys and even they are making less and from what I understand Brig is jumping ship.No loyalty in this business!


    1. Thanks for the comment William! I couldn’t agree more, the active is a great product. Although I am a full time home business owner/network marketer and I LOVE MLM companies, MonaVie is very overpriced and they use the whole ‘FREE lamborghini” “Free vacations” etc to lure people to sign up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brig joined a new company


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