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MonaVie VIEW: What is the Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner?

MonaVie View Antioxidant Scanner

monavie view antioxidant scanner

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I assume you were searching about MonaVie’s newest machine to bring sales back to the United States. They are calling it the MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner, which was released at their national convention this year which was held in Anaheim California, September 7-8 2012.

What is the Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner?

This new MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner was created by a team of top physicists from the University of Utah, which was led by Dr. Werner Gellerman. So in 2012, MonaVie started a partnership with this team of physicists and Dr. Gellerman to create and manufacture the so called first “antioxidant scanner”.

One of my readers notified me that NuSkin was the company who actually created the first antioxidant scanner almost a decade ago. The NuSkin version was called the Nu Skin’s Biophotonic scanner.
From what Mona Vie stated in a recent press release, they wanted the VIEW antioxidant scanner made so that once and for all they can prove to the world that their acai juice, and health products have the most antioxidants. Unfortunately an article in Men’s Journal a few years back titled ‘Super Juices on Trial’ kind of debunked that whole myth anyway.

monavie view scannerThe Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner is said to work through what is called reflection spectroscopy. It states on the MonaVie website that “Astronomers used this same technology to create the Hubble Space Telescope and to identify the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune and the rings of Saturn.” What Planets have to do with your antioxidant score is beyond me… let the doctors and scientists figure that stuff out :-).

How does the Mona Vie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner Work?

When you scan someone with the MonaVie VIEW Scanner for the 1st time, if that person is not drinking Mona Vie View Certified Products you will receive your baseline score. Mona Vie is saying after that, if you choose to participate in our money back guarantee you need to order one of the Monavie Certified Products. Not all of Monavie’s products are certified view products their energy drink line called Mona Vie EMV). After drinking one of the certified products for 60 days as directed, you will be scanned again. If your score doesn’t improve Monavie will refund your money.

Mona Vie VIEW Certified products include the following:

– MonaVie Active: green label/glucosamine
– MonaVie (M)mūn: yellow label/immune support
– MonaVie Essential: purple label/overall antioxidant support
– MonaVie MX: new silver label/a blend of all 3 juices
– MonaVie RVL- Nutritional Shake Mix

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the Mona Vie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner!

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21 thoughts on “MonaVie VIEW: What is the Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner?

  1. You should have done more research grasshopper… There has been an anti-oxidant scanner around for about ten years. Nu-Skin has been successful with theirs and and the science has been verified and documented extensively. Monavie contracted with Dr. Gellerman to improve the existing machine and make it smaller. Just like Apple does with their I-Phones. The thing about “Truth” is this … 1st it is Ridiculed, 2nd it is Opposed, and 3rd it is accepted as Self Evident…. some people take forever to get to 3rd.. I myself questioned the validity and in very short time found out for myself the truth.. You might want to do a little more research before you blog because smart people will challenge you and make you look silly and not a reliable source of information.. just sayin


    1. One last thing… Dr. Oz was scanned on his show as were audience members… He scored extremely high due to the fact that he eats well and takes supplements that actually work.. The scanner is basically a “Lie Detector” many people spend lots of money on products that don’t work.. You should get scanned… or you can just wonder..


    2. thanks for the comments Pat, I will look into the Nu Skin scanner. The main reason I questioned MonaVie’s scanner is because they say it will only read results from “Monavie view approved products”. That was a huge red flag for me… I am here to learn and be challenged by ‘smarter’ people so I can grow, but I am glad I look silly to you 🙂 -Joe


      1. Joe,
        Monavie isn’t saying their scanner will only read anti oxidants from their products. When you scan someone for the 1st time, that is not drinking Monavie View Certified Products you will receive your baseline score. Monavie is saying, after that, if you choose to participate in our money back guarantee you need to order one of the Monavie Certified Products. Not all of Monavie’s products are certified view products (like EMV).
        After drinking one of the certified products for 60 days as directed, you will be scanned again. If your score doesn’t improve Monavie will refund your money.
        You have nothing to lose. Feel free to get back to me, if you would like me to get your Life Score.
        Bill Wilmette


        1. Hey Bill! Thanks for the input. Guess I read the MonaVie corporate site wrong, where it said the VIEW would only pick up “Mona Vie VIEW Certified Products”. I will definitely update my article so people get the correct information. Give me a call sometime 772-626-4271.. Joe


      2. The scanner will not just read results with our products. I will test someone weekly if they want, if they are willing to change their diets. Most people are not able to eat the 13 to 15 servings of fruits and vegetables that are now being recommended for our diets- and this is due to soil depletion of nutrients. PLEASE make sure the comments you make are factual. The 60 day money back guarantee is why people have to be scanned… if you dig deep enough there are no red flags. I invite you to reach out to Shawn Talbott, the chief research officer at Monavie to ask him questions if you would like to provide full, accurate information.
        If there are folks who are reading this and you want information on our products, you can go to for more information.
        Thanks- Jane


        1. Thanks for clarification. I would like to speak with somebody third party that doesn’t work at MonaVie though, I have done my research on this scanner as well as the NuSkin scanner from many years ago but thank you!


        2. Also refer to the article in Men’s Journal look it up “superjuices on trial”. There have been countless studies that show the orac and antioxidant score in welches grape juice is higher than MonaVie juice.


  2. Antioxidants don’t have a tag on them that say made by MonaVie. MonaVie will Scan antioxidants if there in the body, no matter where they came from. Just think it could have come from a fruit or a vegetable that’s a novel idea. It will also tell you if you need more antioxidants. MonaVie makes products that are guaranteed to raise your level of antioxidants. If, after using VIEW certified products for 60 days, your Life Score doesn’t improve, you’ll get your money back.. I believe you didn’t read the statement from MonaVie as careful as you could have. Your whole page is built on a misunderstanding on your part of what MonaVie said. You need to rework your page and tell it like it is!


    1. Thanks for the input Robert, I got the facts about the VIEW Scanner only working with Mona Vie VIEW Approved products straight from their website when they launched the scanner. The Mona Vie antioxidant levels were debunked by a group of scientists doing research for Men’s Journal. The article is called Super Juice on trial, I highly recommend you read that.


  3. the problem starts with people who read small amounts of big stories and then try to comment… Nobody would want you on their team because you are obviously ill informed… please remove me from any more of your pure goofiness.. any one ever tell you that you look like a rock star, athlete, or intelligent person? didn’t thing so…. the only chance you have is to smarten up… good luck with that.


    1. Lol thanks Pat! I obviously wouldn’t join ANY Mona Vie team, I have morals and ethics and selling $130+ per case of juice is not something I could do and keep a straight face. Oh and by the way, I was a guitarist in a band before I went full time in network marketing and wrote a book about my success in this industry. If you guys would send me some 3RD PARTY facts about this Mona Vie VIEW Machine I might just edit the article, but until then all I keep getting is Mona Vie written articles and “facts” but nothing from a 3rd party.. I have a link in this article to the study done which proves Welches grape juice has higher antioxidants and ORAC score then Mona Vie. Where is your sources to prove me wrong buddy?


  4. The new MonaVie device scans the skin through a technology known as reflection spectroscopy. Reflection spectroscopy is not in any way a “new and better” technology that competes with Raman spectroscopy. In fact, reflection spectroscopy was a technique employed before the wide utilization of the more accurate Raman Spectroscopy method. Reflection spectroscopy deals with the quantification of a certain color within the visible light spectrum. To put it simply, this method takes a picture of the skin and analyses how much of a specific color is being emitted and then translates that into a number relative to a predetermined scale. In terms of measuring carotenoid levels, the device would be merely focusing on the level of orange found in the skin.

    MonaVie does have some anti-inflammatory benefit, but money would be better spent buying a good pharmaceutical full-spectrum antioxidant and anti-aging formulation to supplement eating as much fruits & vegetables you can every day (9-12 servings). Use the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner to accurately gauge and monitor your levels. Dr. Oz says Pharmanex’s scanner is the ultimate nutrition lie-detector test –


    1. Thats very interesting.. I am sure you are aware of the individual that developed both technologies and has held both patents? Kinda funny that he went backward and spent 8 years improving the Pharmanex scanner that he developed which is only capable of detecting carotenoids,.. Now he developed the Monavie scanner that detects carotenoids and flavonoids… Maybe you should explain that to him… Or better yet why don’t you just develope something better and really show him…


    2. Just a side note: Dr. Oz said the Pharmanex scanner was the ultimate lie-detector test probably at least 2 or 3 years ago…Long before Dr. Gellerman developed the new and improved scanner for Monavie…(don’t forget the same guy developed both) .. If you look hard enough you can always find something bad someone has to say about good companies and good products… Many times it is the competition spreading false information… For 3rd party validation go to Monavie web site and take your pick of actual published 3rd party clinical studies… many which appeared in the “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry”….


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