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2012 Elections: The Presidential Election Is Over… So Now What?

The Presidential Election Is Over… So Now What?

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So the presidential election is finally over… Man it seems like that one really dragged on for a long time didn’t it? To be honest, four years ago I would have been really upset or angry if my candidate lost.

But now, its just a new day and I am back to work as usual. Nothing is different… My business still operates the exact same way as it did yesterday, I still get tax benefits being that I’m a small business owner and we are not rushing to shut our doors lol…

I am not the type of person who would ever rely on my government or a new president, to become successful or make money. You see, I create my own economy, hence the title of my new book.

If there is a recession or depression? Great. I am a home business owner and I help other people start franchises from home as well, so we all win and profit during recessions. Did I mention the huge tax breaks I get each month just for owning and operating a valid home based business? Pretty cool, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the main commodities I invest in and market is gold and silver. So when the value of the dollar is declining (like right now), the value of gold and silver goes through the roof. Leading economistsย and market analysts have predicted that gold will be up to $10,000 per ounce, and silver over $1,000 per ounce.

sitting duck
Since theย presidential election is now over, today would not be a bad time to purchase gold and silver for yourself! The capital gains, profit potential… It’s just pretty bad ass if you ask me.

I would rather have gold and silver vs a 401k or money that is declining everyday sitting in a bank or mutual fund… talk about a sitting duck.

If you want to buy gold and silver graded coins to add the precious metal value andย the numismatic value… I highly recommend that you use the Numis Network with us. We get great pricing, and get paid for referrals… Did I mention free silver if you get three friends to join the silver premier club with you? Not sure if your into getting paid, free silver, and tax benefits… just thought I’d at least give you the heads up.

So in conclusion, who cares who won the election. Yes, politics and having a smart focus driven leader are VERY important. But your success, income capabilities, and amount of taxes you pay is TOTALLY up to you. If your making a decent salary at your corporate job but get eating alive by taxes at the end of the year then you owe it to yourself to open a home business.

I am not telling you to quit your day job, even if your not running your new business full time you can still write off stuff such as your phone, car, home office bills etc. *Note I am not a financial adviser, just ask your tax person how to get it all setup for your home business… it worked for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Watch this video for more about why Gold & silver, why now:

I will see YOU at the top! Republican or Democrat

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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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