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Silver or Gold: Should You Buy Silver Or Gold After Election?

Silver or Gold: Should You Buy Silver Or Gold After Election?

gold and silver

One of the posts I have been seeing all over FaceBook and some respected news and investment publications, is to stock up on gold and silver after the presidential election.

Everybody believes the price will drop a few weeks after the election, giving the collector or investor a great time to bulk up on bullion or numismatic coins. Just take a look at the stock market after Obama won a second term, it dropped over 300 points the day after… hint hint.

So how do you prepare for a post dollar world? We should all know by now that the value of the dollar is in rapid decline, and the wealthy people are backing their money by gold, silver, real estate, and so on… but they are not keeping money in the bank, IRA’s, 401ks, stocks and bonds. Since the stock market dropped over 300 points since Obama won the election, that means your 401k has already dropped between 2-3%… Ouch.

So what is better at the moment- gold or silver?

In my research, I have come to find out that silver is more rare than gold. I know that is hard to believe because gold has been ranging between $1,700-$1,800 per ounce while silver has been up and down averaging $30-$35 the past few months. But truth be told, there is less silver than gold on the planet right now. Almost 95% of the gold that has ever been mined is still in existence today.

Silver is used all across the world in over 10,000 different ways such as:






-Medical/Antibacterial qualities

-Water purification

The list goes on my friend…

The reason I say that is because these technology companies like Apple, Microsoft and others need silver for their computer manufacturing, so when the price of silver goes up, they aren’t gonna cry and go out of business because silver is $100+ an ounce… they are going to raise the price of their computers by $100! Duh!

silver inside electronics

So in conclusion, the price of silver is definitely expected to go up. Can I guarantee that? Of course not… just do your own research and look at a 10 year silver chart and see if you would be better off today if you had purchases pounds of silver when it was under $10 per ounce.

What is really cool though, is a new home business concept dealing in gold and silver… you can literally buy gold and silver each month from your own home business, build your own customer base, and help other people open a gold and silver franchise from the comfort of home. This will earn you residual commissions for the rest of your life, and the tax benefits are AMAZING!

Watch my video below for more info:

Contact me below for more information on that… or click that ad on the right hand side of my page for your chance to win an ounce of silver totally FREE.

I will see YOU at the top!

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