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Online Real Estate: Is Digital Real Estate Profitable?

Online Real Estate: Is Digital Real Estate Profitable?

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Hey everybody, Joe Stewart with a brief article explaining to you the definition and benefits of what I like to call online real estate. So if you have found yourself on this blog post today I would assume you were searching for the meaning of online or digital real estate.

No I’m not talking about a house or building you designed on your Sims game…

What is Online Real Estate?

Online real estate is having websites, articles, videos, all over the internet that continue to bring in money for the rest of your life.

Writing an article that walks somebody through the process of starting a blog, with conveniently posting a link to purchase a blog setup training manual, is an example of digital real estate.

Like physical houses or commercial real estate, you build or fix up the property one time in the beginning so you can either sell it fast or rent it out to a qualified family.

Digital real estate is quite similar…

You write a blog post one time, or record yourself doing a webinar presentation, and have it online for decades to come, selling your products or services long after you are gone.

Its fascinating!

I still get phone calls from a sales video I recorded over 3 years ago, and make automated sales from a blog post I published last year!

There will come a time where your blog has so many articles and great content, that you get thousands of views each and everyday for FREE just from the search engines! Imagine if only a few of these thousand people purchase a product you have for sale on your website everyday! Would you really want or need to go back to work on Monday?

Just like successful real estate investors, the more real estate you have on the internet available to the marketplace, the more money you bring in on complete autopilot. So on a daily basis continue to write valuable blog posts, record new videos to put on your blog, or write an article for article directories or guest blog on a popular blog in your current niche market.

Ask me how you can have your first piece of digital real estate live and profitable by tonight!  That would be so cool!

I will see you at the top!

brig hart

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Your friend on the inside 😮

Author of Create Your Own Economy

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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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