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MLM Recruiting: Does Your Upline Know These Recruiting Secrets?

MLM Recruiting: Does Your Upline Know These Recruiting Secrets?


Hey everyone, Joe Stewart here coming to you today with a quick blog post about MLM recruiting secrets. You must become a magnet when it comes to sponsoring and be able to teach your team how to recruit 2-5 people per week through online and offline strategies.

Network Marketing Recruiting

So the first thing I want to go over that might help you have a huge breakthrough when it comes to MLM recruiting tips, is that people love to join stuff. Let me say that again… people LOVE to join stuff. Have you ever thought about this?

People love to join the football team, or try out for the cheer leading squad, millions of American’s join our completely voluntary military each year. So don’t feel like your bothering people or being annoying to them, just show them your presentation or product, and then ask them to join!

That is the one thing a lot of us network marketers fail at is we never ask our prospects to join! We just keep inviting them back to the open meeting, or shooting the bull when it comes to products and how ‘cool’ the business is. But we never actually say “Well listen here little Johnny, you sound pretty serious about doing business… are you ready to get started?” Try that a few times after a hotel meeting or online presentation and watch your sign ups go through the roof.

Overcoming Objections

mlm objections

Another problem that our fellow network marketers face is when they run into  objections by their friends and family members lol. Stuff like:

“Is it one of those pyramid things?”

“I can’t afford the sign up cost.” —>

“My wife doesn’t want me to join, she wears the pants in our marriage.”

“My brother did Amway back in 1950 and he said it didn’t work.”

“I don’t want to do sales, I am afraid of selling stuff.”

I am sure there are hundreds of other MLM objections you or the people on your team have run into over the years. I am going to respond to a few of these silly little objections below.

1.) Silly prospect: “Is it one of those pyramid shaped ponzi schemes?”

Now this is my favorite… there are many ways to respond to this to enhance your results with recruiting people into your MLM.

Me: “Seriously? Did you really just ask me that? Listen man… I don’t have time for fun and games, I thought you were serious about starting a business.”

Me: “Yeah buddy we are actually the ONLY government approvedpyramid scheme‘ on planet earth, and from what I understand if you join right now I can get you in at the top how’s that sound?” (Most of my signups are after this line)

2.) Silly prospect: “I can’t afford the sign up cost.”

Me: “Is money the only thing holding you back from starting your business today? If so that’s great because money is the easiest thing to overcome. Here’s what I want you to do, get a piece of paper out and at the top of it write “I am so glad I joined XYZ MLM Company… Here is how I came up with the money, and then write down ways to come up with money until you have the money to sign up. 🙂

amway scam, amway mlm3.) Silly prospect: “My brother did Amway back in 1950 and he said it didn’t work.”

Me: “Of course it didn’t work! Back in 1950 we didn’t have computers and the only way to talk to people was running around stores and neighborhoods talking to everybody within three feet of you!

He was probably doing door to door sales, hotel meetings and all that silly stuff.” (All the stuff your prospect DOES NOT want to do) “Now we show presentations over the internet, do 3-way phone calls and webinars! You can build our business without leaving your house! Pretty cool, huh?”

Well guys those are some of my best MLM recruiting secrets. They have worked for myself and the people on my team over and over again. I really just gave you a basic idea of some of the ‘one liners’ and stuff we use to close prospects without questions. To really dive deeper into mastering MLM recruiting, I recommend that you click on the banner to the right hand side of my website that says something like “Tired of Struggling in Network Marketing?”

I will see YOU at the bank!

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Joe Stewart

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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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