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Amway Global | Are Diamonds Leaving Amway Behind?

Amway Global: Are Diamonds Leaving Amway Behind?

Love them or hate them, Amway has remained on top in direct sales, and also has a major influence with the whole multi-level marketing industry. They have thousands of success stories of independent business owners across the world.

diamonds leaving amway

One of my great mentors built a large Amway organization back in 1983 and stopped building it in 1988. He simply remained ‘active’ as a promoter by either buying products or maintaining retail customers and has earned a lucrative residual income from Amway since 1988, putting him in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in America.

So does it work? You bet your ass it does… It works if YOU work it. If you plan on sitting around and waiting for checks to show up at your mailbox, stick with that job scam. 🙂

Why Would Diamonds Leave Amway Anyway?

Here is a brief article for you that poses the million dollar question: Are top leaders leaving Amway?

I have been hearing multiple stories across the web, and even at some local chamber of commerce business events, where successful Amway Diamonds told me they were leaving the opportunity.

So Are Top Leaders Leaving Amway?

Well one thing can be for sure… top income earners as well as new distributors alike, with little to no experience always leave companies when their income drops a few bucks, or they hear about the hottest new deal to hit the market place.

Everybody gets excited when they hear about these new “Free to join!” or “3×10 matrix payout=$8,345,298 in monthly earnings!” and lastly “Get in now and get in at the top” type of deals. So it obviously has nothing to do with the Amway products or even the Amway compensation plan, because people have been earning millions and millions of dollars per year through Amway for over fifty years now.

So why are Diamonds leaving Amway?

Here is my take on it: the internet.
Amway distributors hit the search engines looking for information about how to explode their Amway business via the internet. They found tons of helpful blog posts, articles and videos, all from attraction marketing experts all across the globe! They now finally found the ‘secret’ that their up line Diamond in Amway Larry Winters was hiding from them!

So instead of promoting their Amway business now, they instead decide to promote the Empower NetworkMike Dillard’s e-book or whatever the first attraction marketing system they run across first. They will make a quick $500-$1,000 and think damn I made more in this attraction marketing deal then I ever did in Amway! I think I’ll resign and do affiliate marketing full time!

Bad idea folks…

Although the gurus tend to believe there is some sort of magical, long term ‘continuity income‘ with affiliate marketing, I beg to differ. I would totally prefer the long term residuals you would get from a basic uni-level or hybrid binary compensation plan, through a traditional network marketing company.

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Do you prefer the quick cash through affiliate marketing or the long term residuals found in a valid home based business?

I will see YOU at the top!

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6 thoughts on “Amway Global | Are Diamonds Leaving Amway Behind?

    1. Seems to be? I’m not in Empower, but they are less than 2 years old and have close to 200k people using their product/service and paid out close to $100 million dollars… doesn’t “seem to be going downhill” to me but thanks for stopping by Joe/Steve!


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