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Randy Schroeder President of MonaVie Steps Down: Back as Distributor

Randy Schroeder President of MonaVie Steps Down: Back as Distributor

Hey everybody Joe Stewart here with a quick article today about Randy Schroeder of MonaVie. Randy was the President of MonaVie North America for the past year or so before stepping down.

randy schroeder

Who is Randy Schroeder?

At first Randy Schroeder joined Monavie a few years ago as a distributor, building it to the highest rank in the company known as a MonaVie Black Diamond in less than a year.

No surprise though, as Randy Schroeder is a 20 plus year veteran of the network marketing industry. He was also a top income earner in another health and wellness giant Agel. He was neck and neck with Randy Gage for the top income earner inside of Agel. Randy Schroeder’s brother is in another competitor to MonaVie known as Zija International

I think once you see the kind of money you can make as a distributor in the field, you would never settle for a corporate position again. Randy Schroeder probably got the ‘itch’ to get back in the field and get his hands dirty.

In recent months though, the former President of MonaVie North AmericaRandy Schroeder has been stirring up a little bit of controversy throughout the home business industry. On a MonaVie conference call when speaking to MonaVie Gold Distributors and above, he called out Zeek Rewards as a ponzi scheme over a live conference call. Even though Zeek literally turned out to be a ponzi scheme later in the year, I would still never bash another home business in the same category as you being the president of a billion dollar health and wellness giant such as MonaVie. 

Randy Shcroeder also stated in an memo that “My message is very simple: It is time to decide. If you are involved with another company in our industry, decide today….will you commit yourself to success in our business or to another? I love the Marine Corps motto “Semper Fidelis,” or “Always Faithful.” At MonaVie we are faithful and will remain faithful to the protection of the business that you build. Permanent residual income requires permanent commitment!”

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post about the recent news of Randy Schroeder stepping down as president!

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world!

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