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NMVT Review: Is Network Marketing VT the Best MLM Training or BS?

NMVT Review: Is Network Marketing VT the Best MLM Training?

Hey everybody, you’ve got Joe Stewart here with a quick NMVT Review for your. NMVT is also known as Network Marketing VT. Thanks for stopping by my web site today, I can tell you are a sharp individual by doing your research online and digging up the good, the bad, and the ugly about Network Marketing VT before you enroll in the free two week trial or pay the $98 to get started with NMVT.

So what is Network Marketing VT: NMVT?

NMVT is a new affiliate program that I have been pitched many times the past few months or so. The program is called NMVT which stands for Network Marketing VT (Virtual Training). It was created by a highly successful online marketer known as Jason Spurlock.  A lot of online marketing leaders have done trainings or have been featured on the NMVTWake Up To Success” Conference call they hold.

What Training is Inside NMVT?

Inside the NMVT back office, they have webinars, videos and audio trainings on how to run the system and market it so that people will join the two week trial under you, so you have the potential to earn $98 monthly residual commissions if they stay on board. The meat and potatoes of the NMVT courses is over a hundred PLR courses covering everything from marketing, mindset, how to do a product launch, leadership training, and tons of other training modules.

NMVT Compensation Plan?

NMVT is a “100% commissions” type deal similar to the Empower Network. When you enroll you are paying a $98 per month subscription charge to remain active and qualified to earn commissions, as well as have access to all the training modules on the inside of your Network Marketing VT back office. It is a one up system, where the second team member you enroll passes up to  There is a $19.95 affiliate fee each month so they can process your commissions and so fourth.

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NMVT Start Up and Pay Out Troubles:

Now from what I have been hearing from some former promoters of the NMVT training system, as well as some blog posts and videos being syndicated across Facebook, NMVT has had some trouble when it comes to actually paying out these “100% commissions”. Even though people are enrolling new reps into the NMVT training system and being charged the $98 fee, their sponsor nor anybody in the company has recieved their payments (as of yet).

Is the NMVT Marketing System a Scam?

I think it is too close to call… They are still a fairly new company and a lot of online marketing and affiliate payout programs have had trouble in the past when it comes to using reliable merchant accounts to make sure that affiliates receive their bonus check or get their NMVT Mastercard loaded up with funds.

I will update this article if I come to find out that all of their affiliates have been paid the commissions that they worked day in and day out for, and invested their hard earned money into marketing and advertising for the NMVT program.

Update- CEO of NMVT shut down the company in early 2013.

I hope to see YOU on the beaches of the world…

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2 thoughts on “NMVT Review: Is Network Marketing VT the Best MLM Training or BS?

    1. From what I have been told they are still having trouble paying out the commissions. The training on the inside is not that great, its cheap PLR products all placed together to make it look like a great training system. Give me a call or email if you wanna see what I’m using to generate leads and cash flow. Joe 772 626 4271


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