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Rap Star Mark NuYork: Shout Out To Joe Stewart from Create Your Own Economy

Rap Star Mark NuYork: Shout Out To Joe Stewart from ‘Create Your Own Economy’

Hey everybody Joe here, with a quick article and video about this past weekend in South Beach Miami. What a great start to the month of December and our 90 Day Blitz with our primary company! My cousin and I, Craig Ronaldson who is one of the top promoters on my team, headed to South Beach Miami to build our business, do some interviews, and obviously record some videos!

joe stewart, mark nuyork
There is ALWAYS something going on in South Beach!

The night life, live music, light shows and 5 star restaurants within every few feet… I mean what’s not to love? You get to meet people from all across the United States and abroad to hear their story and hear how they ended up on South Beach whether it was for better or worse.

Who is Mark NuYork?

wiz khalifa, mark nuyork

Right before we met up with some business associates at the Clevelander Bar & Restaurant, I happened to run across a sharp, ambitious hip hop star by the name of Mark NuYork. You could tell that Mark was a go getter just by the way he promoted himself. He had the utmost confidence in his talents as far as music, his brand, and his ability as a hip hop recording artist.
One thing I noticed about Mark NuYork’s lyrics versus the rest of the competition is he makes it very clear: He is an entrepreneur, a hustler, or whatever you want to call it… But he doesn’t sell drugs, gang bang, or any of the illegal shit hip hop stars claim to “ball hard” by doing so. He has a very positive, real word message and I respect that.
I had the chance to speak with Mark NuYork and share some thoughts and ideas about the future, music, the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, and how you can literally ‘Create Your Own Economy’ whether there is a recession, depression, or any monkey business happening in the world just like I teach in my new book.

Here is what Mark had to say:

“I ran into Joe here, and right off the bat me and him connected.” Says Mark… “And I’ll tell you why. Joe has a book called ‘Create Your Own Economy’ because no matter what, as entrepreneurs we have to thrive in business whether a good economy or bad.  Are you fighting? Are you an entrepreneur? What kind of thoughts are you thinking? This is a positive business and a positive lifestyle, and me and Joe are gonna do a lot of big things and teach people how to create their own economy.” -Mark NuYork.

Be on the look out for my man Mark NuYork as he travels across the United States sharing his message of the road from rags to riches, and getting rich the right way by creating your own economy whether it be through his chosen career of a recording artist, or a multi tasking entrepreneur like myself. I see big things in the future for the both of us, possibly a joint venture? Stay tuned!
I will see YOU on the beaches of the world…

brig hart

Joe Stewart

772 626 4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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