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Who is David Wood: Founder of Empower Network ? Dave Wood’s Empower Network TRUTH

Founder of Empower Network: David Wood

Hey gang you’ve got Joe Stewart here with a brief article I wrote for you today to answer the question as to who is David Wood, the founder of Empower Network? 

Maybe you have seen one of his sales videos, or online marketing training courses across the internet. He has become very well known over the past 2 years with his incredible vision at Empower Network.

david woodWho is David Wood?

David Wood climbed to the top of the online marketing community the past few years. He said in a video interview and in a lot of his blog posts that his dad invited him to an Amway hotel meeting when he was about 13 years old.

David Wood knew going to school and getting a stupid job just would not cut it, so he began looking at direct sales, and other ‘entrepreneur’ ways to earn an income. He said his first experience with sales was as a Rainbow Vacuum salesman. This is where he says that he learned how to close his first sale.

As he got a little bit older and didn’t get rich selling Rainbow vacuums, David Wood decided to get in Amway like his dad did and do the whole network marketing thing.

He struggled for years… going through Walmart’s and shopping malls, talking to everybody within three feet of him to see little to no results.

Then one day he found some attraction marketing course (Mike Dillard’s e-book or something) and started implementing the tactics immediately. Since David Wood has learned and studied the ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ strategies inside Mike Dillard’s famous attraction marketing course, as well as how to become an advanced online marketer with MLSP or My Lead System Pro, he has accomplished things in this industry that many veteran network marketers have been trying to do for decades…

buy what's working now MLM

From being a homeless ‘van man’ living in his old 1992 beat up Dodge Caravan on the shores of O‘ahu Hawaii, he is now:

-The top producer in MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and usually speaks at their Live The Dream annual events.

– He generated over 500,000 free MLM leads (not a typo) last year… and barely called any of them because hundreds of people were joining David Wood’s Numis Network team on complete auto-pilot through his online sales funnels.

who is david wood?

-With that being said, he is obviously the number 1 recruiter inside the Numis Network… Watch out though Dave Wood, me and Dave Lovett are catching up to you brother :-)! He also won multiple free cruises by winning contests that Numis Network runs every few months or so. See the picture to your right ->

-The founder and ‘mad scientist behind the Empower Network Viral Blogging System. The system is great for people who have always struggled when it comes to setting up a WordPress blog, being able to earn profit from their blog as well as generate income.

Speaking of generating income, David Wood and the co-founder of Empower Network David Sharpe have paid out close to $20 million dollars to their affiliates who are consistent with promoting the Empower Network.

He is really changing a lot of lives, creating a prosperity movement, and helping average everyday people earn thousand of dollars per week and or month to maybe pay their mortgage or lower some debt. I applaud you guys… David Wood and Dave Sharpe are 100% genuine and shoot straight from the gut. Thanks for all that you do for our industry!

Leave your thoughts and comments below! Share this on your Facebook or blog to show your prospects a third party review of David Wood’s Empower Network.

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world my friends!

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