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Visalus Sciences: A Behind the Scenes Look and Honest Visalus Review

Visalus Sciences: A Behind the Scenes Look and Honest Visalus Review

visalus sciences review

Hey everybody! Joe here with a quick article I wrote for YOU today! So if you have found yourself on this blog post then I would assume you were searching for a behind the scenes look and honest Visalus Sciences Review.

Visalus is probably the hottest health and wellness MLM to hit the streets the last decade, blazing a trail across North America with no end in sight.

What is Visalus Sciences?

Visalus is a very popular health and wellness network marketing company based out of Troy, Michigan. Visalus Sciences was founded by three, young entrepreneurs: Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola, and Blake Mallen. The three founders of Visalus happened to be very successful in the network marketing arena before launching Visalus.

Their primary MLM company was going out of business, so they reached into their own bank accounts to buy out the company, pay all the distributors who earned commissions and turn it into what is now known as the Visalus Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

Visalus Sciences Product Line

visalus product lineVisalus offers a wide variety of health and nutritional products to help people lose weight, gain energy, and get the proper nutrients and vitamins they need on a day to day basis.

The flagship product is the Vi-Shape nutritional shake mix. They also market the Vi-Pak which is a daily package of vitamins you take in the morning and then again at night. Their energy drinks are called Neuro which you mix with water or the Vi-Shape, a shot of GO which is a quick pick me up similar to 5 hour energy without the chemicals so they say, and PRO which again you mix with water and it provides prolonged energy throughout the day.

Visalus Compensation Plan

The Visalus compensation plan offers a basic uni-level, help three help three structure. You get paid 8 levels deep from your front line promoters that you sponsor into Visalus. They offer a ‘refer 3 get yours free’ program so that when you get 3 customers to use Visalus products each month, Visalus sends you your ‘Challenge kit‘ for free as long as they stay on auto ship or order product!

Is Visalus a Good Business Opportunity?

buy what's working now MLM

So in conclusion yes Visalus is a GREAT home business where anybody could make extra money on the side. The only dilemma you will face when building a Visalus business is generating highly targeted leads, aka people who already sold on Visalus and are currently searching for a home business to join.

You need to align with the right mentor and marketing system if you truly want to make 6-7 figures in the Visalus compensation plan. Contact me below so we can setup a game plan to help you get your Visalus business started right, and into the profit from the get go.

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world…

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