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Article Marketing: Can You Get Leads and Sell Products by Writing Articles?

Article Marketing: Can You Get Leads and Sell Products by Writing Articles?

Hey guys, Joe Stewart here with a brief blog post about the benefits and results you can achieve by article marketing. This is a very efficient method to advertise your professional services, the products you are selling or simply to help you find a better job is writing targeted articles.

what is article marketing

These articles that enclose at the end a short presentation of you or your business can be about various solution to actual problems, about everyday life and so on. There are many sites to which you can submit these articles to, or if you have a database of your customers emails, just drop them an email containing the article and a link to your personal site or professional site.

What is Article Marketing?

The articles can generally be copied from one article submission site to the other as long as the content belongs to you and you are not stealing another author or bloggers work. The only condition is that they must keep their original form, no altering, along with your presentation. This means actually more visibly and it is exactly what you need.

The more interesting the article is, the more people will read and remember it. Even if you don’t have experience with writing, there are some aspects that can make you try it:

-Writing a technical article puts order in your ideas. You will have to coherent and state clear ideas and proper explanations.

-It will make you improve the way you speak.

-It will bring you visibility to your website.

-If it’s written well it will surely help someone.

-You can prove your knowledge in your professional areas this way.

Publishing articles means they have to contain highly useful information and just a little bit of advertising. If you don’t follow this rule, you might end up with an article that won’t get published on other article marketing directories, which you can then only put on your homepage.

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There are other things you could do with article marketing if you are willing to spend some money. There are different publicity sites, ranked high in search engines that for a fee will publish your article on their site for a limited period of time. The fee is not high usually, and you get much more visibility to your main website this way.

But if this choice is the one that appeals to you the most, you must make sure the article you write is really good, so good that it can compete with all the other articles on that site. The user can see them all at the same time and you must think of ways to make him choose to read yours. If you have tried and you are not confident you can do it on your own, you can always hire a professional.

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world my friends…

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