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Merry Christmas to all my Friends, Family, and Readers! Love You Guys!

Merry Christmas to all my Friends, Family, and Readers!

Love You Guys!

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Hey guys, Joe Stewart here with a brief article for you guys today. I definitely wanted to do something a little bit different today since its Christmas! I didn’t plan on writing any home business or online marketing type blogs today, but I have some free time before I head over to my families house to exchange gifts and have dinner.

* Watch this video & see how we get down on Christmas Eve 😉

The year of 2012 had a lot of ups and downs in my life as I’m sure yours did as well, but mainly ups though as far as my end goes. I was able to publish my first MLM book which was always something I dreamed about doing ever since I was a little kid.

Some of the leaders on my board of directors and I launched our first line of clothing called MLM Apparel. And for once in my 4 years of being involved in the home business arena, I finally built a solid foundation with my new primary company and the people on my team ARE FINALLY making money!

I used to feel so bad back when I was in Amway and each month only a few of my top guys and myself would get a decent size check! The craziest part was the people who weren’t having success were working just as hard as we were, they were on every conference call, went to every meeting and training seminar… But they just couldn’t enroll their first rep or make a sale!

It all comes back to learning attraction marketing. Once I learned it, and shared the idea with my top leaders… a light bulb went off in their head and they finally understood the magic ‘secret’ to succeeding in a home business.

Well guys I don’t know why I went on that rant lol… But I am excited to finish off 2012 strong, and ready to start 2013 with some badass new years resolutions and take my brand, and company to a million dollars in the next 365 days. I will make it happen because I proclaim it to be that way. Wait and see…

Merry Christmas to all my friends, family and readers! You guys ROCK!

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Joe Stewart

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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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