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Blogging Tips for Free Optimized Traffic!

Blogging Tips for Free Optimized Traffic!

get more web trafficHey everyone, thanks for stopping by my website today. I wanted to quickly go over why blogging is such a powerful tool when it comes to building your brand, your business, and earning the respect of your raving fans & followers! So how do you go about getting that solid, long term web traffic that all bloggers dream about? How do you get your readers to come back to your website each and every week to see what new articles or videos you have?

How to Rank on the Front Page of Google

First thing you need to realize as a “profitable blogger” is that Google indexes your pages, and posts, not your actual website. So the more pages, articles/blogs and videos that you have on your official blog the better.

If Google sees that you are consistently adding new, high quality content to your blog each and everyday, you have a much higher chance to rank on the front page of Google. So I highly recommend you blog daily, but I also understand not everybody is going to take their blog and business to the next level so I would say AT THE MINIMUM publish 3-4 blogs every week.

Also remember to keep your blogs similar to your topic of product. For example this blog is mainly centered around the work from home and make money online niche, so most of my posts talk about companies where you can work from home and some of my best strategies to literally extract money out of your computer at the click of your mouse.

What is Keyword Research?

search engine optimizationKeyword research is is the research that bloggers do when writing their article. This is how they decide which keyword they want to target in their piece of content. An easy tool I use is known as the Google Keyword tool. This is a tool you can use to type in keywords you are blogging about. Once you enter in the keyword you are attempting to rank on Google for, the keyword tool will give you 100 search terms that are very similar to the keyword you have entered.

This way you will now be able to choose a powerful keyword to rank for, because the keyword tool shows you how many people search for that certain keyword each month. Don’t rank for keywords that only get 500 or less searches each month. I would aim for 1,000 monthly searches and up so that way your at least getting a decent amount of traffic to that article everyday. Also remember to have your selected keyword in the title, the “URL SLUG”, the h1,h2, or h3 tag (header tags) and be sure to bold, italicize, or underline your keyword in the text of the article body.

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These are just a few of the BASIC tips I can give you so you can begin ranking your articles on the front page of search engines, and getting free web traffic. I plan on making this a 2-3 day series about blogging and SEO.

Click here for Part 2 of this “SEO: Free Optimized Traffic Series”.

I hope to see YOU on the front page of Google ๐Ÿ˜‰

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