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The Power of Making A Decision and Taking Massive Action…

The Power of Making A Decision & Taking Massive Action…

decision makingHave you ever thought about the power behind simply making a decision? Let’s go back to a time when you made an important or an otherwise scary decision…

Maybe it was the day you asked your girlfriend out on your first date.

What about the day you reached into your wallet for your last few bucks to start a home business or online business?

You see there are two kinds of people in the world…

People who make decisions fast and swiftly,


People who can’t think for themselves and need their parent or coach to make important decisions for them.

I remember in high school all my friends and teachers kept talking about going to college and all the ‘benefits’ to attending a university. They said it would lead you to the life of your dreams if you made a decision to attend college, and then took massive action by working hard to secure your spot at some lucrative university.

So I was sitting there in class, and I had to make the decision as to whether or not I was going to mentally go “all in” my studies so I could get a spot at some community college or hopefully a university.

I thought about all the people who I knew that attended college, and looked at their income and lifestyle to see if it was a match for what I was looking to achieve. Unfortunately most of them were still in debt trying to pay off their student loans, and working a dead end $8hr job. So I made the fast, and swift decision to drop out of high school and pursue my dream as an entrepreneur.

Did it work right away?

Fuck no…

I started offering guitar & bass lessons on Craigslist.

Even landscaping services…

landscape businessI didn’t have a business license, trailer or any of the proper tools needed to run a landscaping business. All I had was a push lawnmower, a weedwacker, and the desire to make money as quickly as possible.

After posting ads on Craigslist and leaving flyers on peoples driveways, we got a few clients. My goal was simply to get enough clients so that I could put gas in my truck, eat breakfast lunch or dinner that day, and pay my friend Andrew Tiffany who was helping me mow these random peoples lawns…

Some months we made enough to money to eat good everyday, and get a full tank of gas…

Other months we lost clients, had to repair or buy new equipment… We lost money.

But what happened over the span of that year or so?

I learned what it was like to live on the edge.

I now understood why so many people prefer being self employed, or small business owners. Even though cutting grass under the hot, South Florida sun all day wasn’t ideal, I quickly learned that I would rather be broke and self employed then be filthy rich working for somebody else.

Just the thought of waking up when I want and setting my own hours was the shit!

But waking up at 5am to go be an employee for somebody else seemed like something that should be left for the people who can’t make decisions on their own.

My grandfather always told me this.

“Some people are literally afraid to make decisions, let alone tough decisions…”

They need a boss to make decisions for them.

You are scheduled to work 5am-3pm Monday-Friday because your boss made that decision.

If you made the decision to stop being such a wimp, and learn how to literally create your own economy like I teach in my new book, you could literally go from working 6 days a week to 2 days a week at your job because you make more from home, eventually quitting that ‘job scam’ once and for all…

buy what's working now MLM

Just remember folks,

It all starts with a decision…

…followed by massive action!

I will see the decision makers on the beaches of the world!

brig hart
Mick Karshner, the MLM Jedi, Brig Hart and I

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