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EPX Body Compensation Plan: Is There Big Money To Be Made at EPX Body?

EPX Body Compensation Plan: Is There Big Money To Be Made at EPX Body?

epx Body compensation planHey everyone, thanks for stopping by my website today to check out part 2 of my in depth EPX Body Review. In Part 1 of this series, I went over their low cost product line and how their prices compare with other leading health and wellness network marketing companies. In this part of the EPX Body Series, I want to go over some basics of the EPX Body compensation plan. As well as the reasons why this new type of ‘Forced Matrix‘ compensation plan found in many new network marketing, and affiliate marketing companies is proving to be a huge hit since distributors who qualify by sponsoring 1-4 people are able to finally have a GUARANTEED INCOME.

EPX Fast Start & Customer Bonus

Every time you enroll a new promoter into EPX Body whether it be at a $39 product or the $199-$399 executive kits, you will earn a 40% bonus of that sale. The customer bonus is very similar except it is 50% instead of 40, and you earn it every single time that they purchase a product from you no matter what the cost.

EPX Body: Guaranteed Minimum Check

Enroll 4 distributors on the $39 per month product or 2 customers on the same product and you are going to have a minimum of $40 per month. If your E-Wallet is already over $40, you will earn the higher of the amounts. If you have 2 customers, your product or ‘business overhead’ is basically free each and every month as long as they continue ordering product.

EPX Guaranteed Income First 6 Months

To guarantee income with the EPX body compensation plan, you want to sponsor 5 people your first 30 days in business and have 2 of these new team members remain active by ordering product each month, and EPX Body guarantees you will be earning $1000 per month by month 6 or they will refund all your auto ship and sign up costs up to $40 per month.

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EPX Body 4×5 Hybrid Matrix

With this you can have spillover which means your up line enrolled them and they were placed under you, or personally enrolled which means you sponsored them into your business. Down line enrolled would mean that somebody that you sponsored into your business enrolled somebody into their team but because they are still in your matrix, you get points for these distributors. The residual income is 2.5% on levels 1 and 2 of your team, 5% on levels 3 and 4, and a whopping 20% on level 5 which would equal out to about $8,000 per month or a 6-figure annual income.

EPX Matching Bonus
This income is completely unlimited. Every time you personally sponsor somebody, you are going to earn 25% of whatever they earn in their entire organization. Example if they earn $1,000 in bonuses or matrix pay, you will earn $250, or if they earn a $5,000 check you would earn a $1,250 matching bonus. This gives you a lot of incentive to help all of your personally enrolled people fill up their matrix.
On generations 2-4 you will earn a 12% matching bonus of whatever people in levels 2-4 earn. Another example would be somebody in level 4 of your matrix who was even sponsored by you earning a check for $8,000 that month would earn you a 12% matching bonus of $960.

I hope this article has helped answer some of your questions about the EPX Body Compensation plan. Any questions? Ready to get started? Join EPX Today.

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