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A Simple Long Term Blogging Strategy

A Simple Long Term Blogging Strategy

long term blog strategyHey everyone, Joe Stewart here with an article today where I will go over my long term blogging strategy in the easiest way possible. Now for people who are hoping to launch their first blog and within a week two have thousands of visitors and sales out the ass… this is not the article for you, and blogging might not be for you.

Generating hundreds or even thousands of views per day is going to take a year or more, with consistent daily action. You are going to have to write a new blog post almost everyday, if not 3-4 per week I would say. The search engines pick up each time you upload a new blog post or video, and the people who are blogging daily and have consistent new material are typically ranked higher on the search engines.

So here is my strategy for long term bloggers who plan on being around for awhile:

1. Blog consistently: Like I stated above, you definitely want to blog almost everyday if not a few times per week. The more blog posts you have published on the internet, the more chances you have that your ideal followers or potential customers will find you. If you record a video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, you can also simply post the link to the video and copy and paste the description into a new blog post, and that can be considered your blog post for the day.

hootsuite2. Syndicate your Blog Posts: When your new blog post is published, copy and paste the URL and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the social networking websites that you are apart of. One of the ways to speed up this process is to use a program called Hootsuite. With Hootsuite you can copy and paste your message and link into one website and it will send it out to all of the social networks you have in sync with your Hootsuite account.

3. Engage with your Readers: This one is key to your long term success! If readers are coming back to your blog everyday and leaving their thoughts and comments on your blog posts, you definitely want to reply and ask them questions and build a relationship with them. This will keep them coming back for years to come, and they will feel comfortable when the time comes for them to opt in to your email list or buy whatever product you are promoting on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

If you follow these small steps consistently, you will start to find out that instead of people going to Google and typing in questions or whatever they are looking for and finding one of your articles etc, that people will begin going straight to your domain name because they have seen your stuff before and know you offer value to the market place!

Leave your thoughts below! Share this with your team if you found it helpful!

I hope you have enjoyed this post about my long term blogging strategy.

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