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Steve & Gina Merritt: MonaVie Millionaires & Crown Black Diamonds

Who is Steve Merritt: MonaVie Millionaire & Crown Black Diamond

steve and gina merrittSo if you have found this blog post today then I would assume you were searching for some information about Steve Merritt from Mona Vie. Steve and Gina Merritt have made millions of dollars via their Mona Vie business and are some of the top income earners inside of Mona Vie & the direct sales industry as a whole. Before they found Mona Vie, they had their backs up against the wall, and didn’t think their credit card was gonna go through when they decided to join Mona Vie years ago.

Steve and Gina Merritt went head first into their Mona Vie business years ago because they were broke, busted & disgusted. They had nowhere to turn, but they both had big dreams. They followed their mentors Brig & Lita Hart and Charlie & Debbie Kalb, by drinking the Mona Vie product. Steve was a professional water skier for decades, and Gina was a flight attendant for 20 plus years.

How Did Steve & Gina Merritt Build Mona Vie?

By drinking Mona Vie, they both noticed the pain in their joints and body went away. They had more energy and were sleeping better. So once they had this strong personal testimonial, they began sharing it with their friends and helping their friends look good, feel good, and get free. In the process, Steve and Gina Merritt are now also free from their jobs, and financially free.

They use that same line to this date when prospecting new friends for the Mona Vie opportunity. They ask people if they want to look better, feel better, and get free from their 9-5 job. If people are not interested in one of the three options, the Merritt’s move on.

Steve & Gina Merritt’s Continued Success

steve merritt monavieAfter building their Mona Vie business for almost 7 years now, Steve and Gina Merritt have went on 19 free vacations, received over a million dollars in one time cash bonuses (not including the millions they earned in residual commissions). They have built their dream homes, and Steve was awarded a Free Lamborghini when they hit the prestigious rank of Crown Black Diamond in Mona Vie.

In conclusion, Steve and Gina Merritt are an awesome couple, and some of the greatest network marketers to walk the earth. Their passion for helping people get healthy, wealthy, and financially free is admirable.

The Only Tip Steve & Gina Merritt Left Out…

The only thing Steve and Gina Merritt don’t teach their Mona Vie team is how to get branded as the leading network marketer. Although Steve Merritt has his own professionally designed blog you can see here: he doesn’t teach the people in his team to do the same. They are still teaching people to talk to everybody within 3 feet of you, give people a CD or DVD to watch to hear more about Mona Vie, and then follow up and invite them to a Mona Vie tasting party or home business review.

If you want to hear more about this attraction marketing method they are using to sign up new Mona Vie distributors on complete auto pilot, I highly recommend you contact me below, or click the banner below so I can help you get your Mona Vie business from Star to Diamond over the next 90 days.

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