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Nutrilite Review: Is Amway’s Nutrilite Brand Good Quality or Overpriced?

Nutrilite Review: Is Amway’s Nutrilite Brand Good Quality or Overpriced?

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my website today. I would assume you were doing some research about Nutrilite products. Nutrilite is the vitamin & supplement line of products that is offered by Amway Independent Business Owners. The Nutrilite brand has been around since 1934 when Carl F. Rehnborg launched his line of vitamins known as Nutrilite.

While living in China in the early 1920s, Carl Rehnborg noticed unforgettable malnutrition and disease, an important connection between the foods people ate and their overall health. In farming communities, where fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful, people were much healthier overall. In the cities, where diets included far more sugar, salt, and fat, Carl noted that there were many more instances of serious diseases, such as scurvy and beriberi.

Nutrilite Products

nutrilite double xThe flagship Nutrilite product is known as Double X. Rehnborg launched this product in 1948 using natural herbs and minerals, that he found beneficial to the health of the people consuming Double X. The product is based on phytonutrients which stands for plant concentrates. Double X is a package of 3 different pills, each with different vitamins, minerals and ingredients etc. Double X is pricey however, running at $50 for Amway distributors and around $80 retail price.

Nutrilite Men’s & Woman’s Pack

I would say that the Men’s or Woman’s pack is probably the best deal you are going to find at Amway. They cost about $25 retail pricing and about $16 or so for Amway IBO’s.

nutrilite mens packThe Nutrilite men’s pack includes:

Each pack contains one tablet of each of these essential supplements from NUTRILITE: Daily Multi, Vitamin C Plus Extended Release, Multi Carotene, and OCEAN ESSENTIALS Balanced Health.

The Nutrilite woman’s pack includes:

Each pack contains one tablet of each of these essential supplements from NUTRILITE: Daily Multi, Cal Mag D Advanced, Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails, and OCEAN ESSENTIALS Balanced Health.

The Nutrilite brand also offers vitamins and supplements for kids, seniors and products designed specifically towards certain health issues such as obesity, heart disease, bone and joint support and many more.

Nutrilite Weight Management

They also market a wide range of weight loss products as well from diet pills, weight loss or meal replacement shakes as well as carb blocker products. Along with the weight management line, they also have a sports nutrition based line of products for people who go to the gym or are active in sports. From protein bars & shakes, to pre-workout drinks and rhodiola.

In conclusion, Nutrilite products are made for all walks of life.

They are obviously more costly then your typical Wal-mart or GNC label vitamins, but that is because Amway is a network marketing company, and they pay their Independent business owners when a sale is made instead of paying for marketing and advertising. On top of that, a portion of the products must go to the Amway/Nutrilite employees and corporate staff.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of Nutrilite products!

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