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Network Marketing VT Closed: Why was NMVT Shut Down?

Network Marketing VT Closed: Why was NMVT Shut Down?

nmvt shut downWell after months of speculation, the founder of NMVT Jason Spurlock finally announced that NMVT will be closing its doors. There has been a lot of negative buzz on Facebook, Google and all over the internet about NMVT not paying their affiliates the commissions they had earned. As of today, January 22nd, 2013, here is what their CEO Jason posted on his Facebook wall:

Network Marketing VT, as it is now, is closing for business.

I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped make the company and this journey what it has been been. The journey was certainly worth it. However, we live in a world where perception does not always match reality and in the network marketing industry trust and confidence have tremendous worth; especially in the age of social media.

The software and programming issues we have experienced since re-launching the comp plan in September 2012 have left many affiliates with the opportunity to express negative emotions in the social networking space based on wrongful assumptions that they were never paid fairly. This company has not processed one credit card payment since the first week of December 2012. And it’s important to understand that NMVT has been through 2 full audits in the past, we have hired programmers direct from First Data, our consultants have been the most respected in the industry, and our staff has always maintained the highest integrity.

The goal, vision, mission, and purpose of Network Marketing VT continues forever. It truly is our life’s most expressive and dutiful work. The message will simply evolve into a bigger, more robust, trustworthy, and valuable brand in the near future. You will always have an open invitation to join us.

jason spurlockThe training schedule, including the webinars and the NMVT Wake Up To Success calls are being put on hold for the time being. As most of you know, I really do enjoy hosting the Wake Up call; however, this is a very difficult time for me personally and hosting the Wake Up call is very hard to muster up the courage for — when I feel I would be better served through quite contemplation and meditation at this time. Pretty soon, I will be back on the line and I hope you’ll continue to invest your time on the morning call too. The Wake Up call is one of the purposes of my life…so after a week or two of rest, we’ll resume the schedule.

I love you. I care for you. I believe in you. And I’m sorry. If there has been anything that left you feeling offended, it was never intentional and I pray you’ll forgive me. More than anything else, I hope you’ll call me your friend and will keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

I promise to keep in you touch and keep you updated. You please do the same.


My Thoughts on NMVT Closing its Doors?

I feel that Jason did everything in his power to launch a successful training platform. I think it was out of his control that the merchant account or E-wallet wasn’t working. Although at the end of the day he is the CEO and it is up to him to fix this or make some changes, he is just a human like you and I and he makes mistakes just like the people who were supposed to be processing payments for NMVT affiliates.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the truth behind NMVT closing down.

Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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