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Should You Work From Home? Here’s Some Home Business Advantages

Should You Work From Home? 

home business advantagesHey everyone! So if you are reading this blog post today then I would assume you were on the internet doing some research about whether or not to take the leap of faith and work from home full time. You might also want to know some of the home business advantages, as well as the disadvantages from working at home. I plan on covering some of my favorite reasons and benefits I get from working from home, and the small list of “cons” or disadvantages.

Home Business Advantages

Well first off, its obviously JUST COOL to be your own boss. No rush to check next weeks schedule to see what days and times you are working, because YOU set your own hours! Some days I prefer to sleep in until I can’t sleep anymore because everyday is a Saturday for most of us home business owners lol. It’s also nice to go have lunch at whatever time you want, go to the bathroom when YOU want, and take a coffee or cigarette break anytime… depending on the person.

It is definitely SWEET to just wake up when you want and start your daily action plan when you feel like it. This can also become a disadvantage though to people who are not self motivated. You can’t make the decision to become a home business owner and then sit around doing nothing because there is no boss or manager to give you a task! YOU are now the boss! So yes, that means you must have a game plan for the week written out in advance, and if you want to be profitable then you must act on this game plan.

Here is a daily marketing routine I have in place for people who do online network marketing.

Home Business Tax Advantages

home business tax advantagesAnother thing that people fail to realize is the awesome tax advantages in place for home business owners. Most people whine and complain all day about their taxes going up, still blaming Bush and Obama, and still spreading the news that the tax laws are “set up for the wealthy”.

Although that is true in most cases, have you ever thought about why rich people benefit from our tax system? Because most wealthy people are BUSINESS OWNERS! It doesn’t matter if its the founder of Wal-Mart, Publix, a franchise, or a home business owner like myself. It also doesn’t matter if that person is making a billion dollars per year by running Wal-Mart, or a measly 6-figure income by running a home business. We still have the tax system on our side, and we are able to write off our car, dinner with clients, or business trips because we own a valid home based business.

In Conclusion…

There are many home business advantages just waiting for you! All you have to do is make the decision that you are going to start a home business and work at it part time while still working your full time job! Once your income from your home business matches or doubles what you are earning at your 9-5 job scam, I think it is safe to say you have the necessary skills to run your home business FULL TIME and spend more time doing the things you enjoy, with the people you care about most!

I hope you have enjoyed this article with just a few of my favorite home business advantages.

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