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Vidacup Review: Will Vidacup Take the Coffee MLM Idea to Significance or is Vidacup a Joke?

Vidacup Review

vidacupHey what is happening my friends, I hope you are having an awesome day because I know I am! If you have found yourself on this page today then I would assume you were searching for some information about one of the newest coffee MLM companies to hit the market known as Vidacup.

Vidacup was launched in late 2012 by Jeff Mack, Chief Executive Officer, Donna Valdes as the Chief Marketing Officer, and Dr. Daria Davidson, Chief Scientific Advisor. I had the chance to work with Donna Valdes during the Javita Coffee launch in June of 2012.

Vidacup Product Line

The Vidacup product line includes instant coffees, teas and other nutritional products. They also added an energy drink to their product catalog known as Xtreme.

From the Vidacup website:

“What makes us unique is that all of our formulations will include an extremely potent extract of a specialized strain of the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom– highly touted for it’s multitude of health benefits and supported by dozens of clinical studies.”

Looking at the Vidacup customer website most of the coffee packages are being priced at $39.15, which is somewhat competitive as far as other home businesses promoting coffee, but might be seen as expensive to people who brew their own coffee or have a Keurig machine.

Cost to Join Vidacup?

On the company website it states that the only cost to take part in their “lucrative” compensation plan is the Vidacup Business Kit at $39.99 which includes tools and training materials to help you get your business started.

Will Vidacup Take the Coffee MLM Idea to Significance?

vidacup reviewI am sure time will tell with this one. Organo Gold has been wildly successful, but they have also been around for many years. When I was building a team over at Javita Coffee in 2011, the biggest hang up was trying to get people to get out of their normal daily routine of going to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks and begin purchasing some new instant coffee and heating it up at home.

Now I am not saying there is no money to be made in a coffee home based business because if that is what you are passionate about and you have the drive, you can make it work.

The Slight Edge You Need to Build Vidacup?

With the economy still being sluggish with growth, I am seeing a lot of employees, and unemployed people calling me left and right asking about my home business. So obviously people are starting to wake up that a job, or two jobs is not the answer to getting out of debt. You obviously need to build some type of a business, and have some type of leverage in your life if you ever plan on retiring and traveling the beaches of the world with us.

To succeed in Vidacup you will need:

A personal mentor who can show you the ropes of how to build a massive network marketing organization.
A duplicating system that everybody on your team, even the new guy can have the chance to use the system and make profit his first 48 hours in business.
Multiple sources of leads! Just like you need multiple sources of income in this type of economy, if you are building a home based business you need MULTIPLE SOURCES OF LEADS! Some marketers can teach you how to get leads online, offline, you name it!

Other marketers have never generated a targeted lead in their life, and still tell people to make a list of their friends, family members, and chase people around Wal-Mart with samples and business cards.

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I hope you have enjoyed this Vidacup Review!

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