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Ezine Articles: Should You Use Ezine Articles to Build Trust and Rank on Google?

Ezine Articles 

ezine articlesHey everybody hope you are having an awesome day! Today I wanted to take the time to write a quick review about the popular website known as Ezine Articles.

In this post I want to tell you a little bit more about Ezine Articles, inform you about some of the benefits to writing articles for Ezine and becoming an Expert Author and above on their platform. There is a lot of opportunity to spread your message and build your brand by adding original content to a huge article directory such as Ezine Articles.

What is Ezine Articles?

Ezine Articles is a very popular website with thousands of articles written by Expert authors and writers. Each article is submitted for approval before it is able to be published to the database. They have many writers as well as readers and followers on the site, giving you a huge opportunity to get a lot of exposure which equates to eyes on your content!

ezine articles profile
Here is a pic of my Ezine Articles Profile so you get an idea of what your page will look like.

What makes Ezine Articles so unique in comparison to publishing content on a personal blog like this one, is that their articles are supervised by a management software only found on their site. What this means in non tech talk, is that it will give you the chance to be read my hundreds of thousands of readers who already visit the Ezine Articles website everyday for news and blog posts.

Should You Use Ezine Articles to Build Trust and Rank on Google?

What I really like about Ezine Articles is the chance to build trust with a different audience than you would normally attract by writing on your personal blog, doing some SEO and ranking it on Google. With Ezine, you are getting your content in front of followers and possible clients that you may have not found.

When you setup your Basic Ezine Articles membership you get to link it to all of your social networks, a personal blog, and up to 3 business sites! Talk about back link love and again, simply the chance to get your content and your lead capture page in front of eyes who normally wouldn’t find you! So cool.

See the picture below:

ezine articles backlinks

So as you can see, by having an Ezine Articles account, you are able to drive traffic to your personal Facebook, your Facebook Fan page or any of the other social networks listed above. Along with links to your personal blog and up to 3 business links, you see where I am going with this.

Promote Your Book on Ezine Articles

Also, if you are a published author you can link your book’s ISBN number to your account as you can see in the photo above. This will show your readers how serious you take your writing, and increase your credibility in your market and niche. Who knows, you might even sell a few copies of your book!

I hope you have enjoyed this article covering the basics of Ezine Articles!

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