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Metabolife Reviews: Why I Didn’t Join Metabolife… Did YOU Fall for the Hype? :(

Metabolife Reviews | Why I Didn’t Join Metabolife

what is metabolifeAre you looking for some more detailed information about Metabolife? Are you not sure if you should join because of the Metabolife Scam claims out there across the internet?

In this Metabolife Review, I want to give you an unbiased, third party review so you can answer the questions as to “What is Metabolife?” as well as figure out if it might be the opportunity that you can finally create a successful business from home by promoting. I will also give you a few reasons why I decided not to join.

Do plenty of research about the founders of Metabolife, their product line, and especially their compensation and payout structure. before you join. You are obviously doing the right thing  by going online and figuring out the good, bad, and ugly of joining Metabolife.

I would also recommend reading reviews from people who are in Metabolife and having great success, as well as reviews from distributors who are having a hard time building their Metabolife business. Also see what third party marketers are saying about the company and products.

What is Metabolife?

metabolife reviewsMetabolife International, a division of Twinlab, is a direct sales company that is currently promoting their message of a healthy lifestyle. Metabolife sells weight loss supplements and provides information on exercise and other health-related topics on its website.

The Metabolife Starter Kit includes a core strength exercise DVD, an exercise sheet outlining specific exercises to use to tone the body, and a food and exercise diary, so that customers can keep track of their progress.

Metabolife Distributors must purchase at least $200.00 in commissionable product for personal use or resale in each calendar month to be considered active and participate in the compensation plan.

***That is the main reason I decided NOT to join Metabolife. Sorry gang, but in this economy people can’t afford to spend $200 a month on the Metabolife products that they weren’t spending last month just so they MIGHT be able to earn a few bucks in commissions! The little guy would never have a shot with this type of monthly cost, let alone a professional network marketer!

Metabolife Products

The Metabolife product line is short and sweet. They have Metabolife Ultra which is their flagship product, a weight loss capsule which also comes in a Metabolife Caffeine Free version as well. Next they have Metabolife Green Tea and a Vitamin D3 Supplement. On the Metabolife website, they claim to have clinical studies which have shown to support weight loss due to the ingredients in their tea.

After the weight loss portion of the products, they move into their Metabolife Weight Management line. This product catalog includes Metabolife Break Through which is another dietary supplement capsule. Then they offer Extreme Energy tablets to help you get over the fatigue that comes in place when you lose weight and cut calorie intake. To finish off their weight management section, Metabolife offers distributors and customers a shake called Slender Satisfaction. The shake has a blend of whey and soy proteins along with fiber to help satisfy your hunger.

Is Metabolife Your Best Bet?

As you can see in this and other Metabolife Reviews, Metabolife is a great opportunity if you are truly looking to achieve financial independence by building a new home business.

The only struggle you might run into is finding targeted folks who are already sold on the idea of starting a network marketing business, specfically Metabolife!

metabolife reviews

There is also a certain way to position yourself as the trusted expert in the network marketing arena, so that people are hunting you down and BEGGING you to let them join your primary company! Pretty cool, huh?

If you feel that information might help you succeed in Metabolife if you decide to join, feel free to contact me below! I look forward to speaking with you and I CAN’T WAIT to hear your success story!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick Metabolife Review!

…and I will see YOU on the beaches of the world!

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