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MLM Reviews: What is Viridian Energy & Is It Another Crappy MLM Deal?

Viridian Energy Review

what is viridian energyHey there! Thanks for stopping by my website today. I would assume that you were online searching for some information about Viridian Energy. You are probably trying to figure out is Viridian Energy legitimate or a pyramid scheme?

Viridian Energy was founded in March of 2009 so they are just now celebrating their 3rd year in business. This is a good sign though, because most start up network marketing companies fail in their first 2-3 years of business. You can be sure that Viridian Energy is the real deal and definitely not a scam.

What is Viridian Energy?

Viridian Energy provides greener electricity at an affordable price, allowing their customers and independent distributors to make a difference in the environment and their personal lives simply by switching energy providers.

Veridian states on their official website that they are proud to stand out among competitors who charge a much higher price for green electricity. We understand that you may not be able to pay more but still want to do your part. We take a lower profit in order to deliver a higher quality product, offering the best of both worlds- greener electricity and low cost energy.

The Viridian Energy mission statement is “Upholding the core values of environmental sustainability, empowerment, reliability, integrity, and customer focus.”

Viridian Energy Products

viridian energy

Viridian Energy offers the Everyday Green power package, which consists of 20% renewable energy sourced from locally produced, high quality renewable resources. Everyday Green allows customers to reduce their environmental impact from electricity use, while also getting some savings on their bill.

The other Viridian product option is known as the Pure Green package, for 100% renewable energy, with rates that vary depending on the state. Pure Green, which meets the industry’s highest standards for renewable products, enables energy consumers to reduce negative environmental impacts from electricity use and promote sustainable energy solutions through the internationally recognized Green-e platform.

The company also invites individuals to enroll with Viridian as associates. A $399 package is available for those who are interested in being an associate in every state that Viridian operates in, as well as a $199 package to become an associate in a single state.

Can You Succeed In Viridian Energy?

As you can see in this third party review, Viridian Energy is a great way to achieve financial independence by building a home based business. The only struggle you might run into is finding prospects who are already sold on the idea of starting a home business, specfically Viridian Energy! There is also an easy way to position yourself as an expert in the multi-level marketing niche, so that people are hunting you down to let them join your primary company! Pretty cool, huh?

xyngular review

If you think that information might help you dominate the Viridian Energy Compensation Plan, feel free to contact me at the phone number below, and I will gladly help you map out a strategy to get your Viridian Energy business into rapid fire momentum with NO SIGN of slowing down!

I hope you have enjoyed this third party Viridian Energy review!

…and I hope to see YOU on the beaches of the world my friend.

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