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Evolv Health Review | What is Evolv Health & Can YOU Succeed In Evolv Health?

Evolv Health Review

Have you been online looking for more information about Evolv Health?

Are you not 100% sold if you should join Evolv Health due to some of the Evolv Health scam claims on the internet?

Maybe you are worried about the Evolv Health products and if they are the best choice for you and your family…

In this unbiased Evolv Health Review, I will go over the Evolv compensation plan so you understand how their reps are getting consistent checks each week, or no checks at all. I will talk more about the EvolvHealth bottled water product.

Evolv Health Reviews | What is Evolv?

Evolv Health is a network marketing company that markets a healthy bottle of water, a coffee product called Café Rosso, along with other health and wellness related products through the direct sales or “word of mouth” business model. They have been around since 2009 and were launched by a successful American businessman named Trey White.

From the EvolvHealth company website:

“To “evolv” requires the right FORMULA at the right time. Our products and programs create the ideal environment for change to happen, inside and out.
The only missing ingredient is you.”

Our mission is simple:
Help Other People Evolv.

Evolv Health | The Products

evolv health productsThe Evolv Health product line is broken down into four ‘Formulas’ or kits to help you reach your optimal health goals. Below I will break down each Formula so you can see if they have a kit that is fit for your lifestyle.

The Basic Formula: With the Evolv Basic formula you are given three of the core products for a healthy lifestyle. This kit allows you to start off your day with the Evolv Shake and Evolv Café Rosso to fight that afternoon slump with Evolv ActivateATP.

Get Fit Formula: If you’re looking to get in better shape, the Evolv Fit Formula provides the products you need to improve your fitness results. With the combination of the Evolv Shake, Evolv ActivateATP and Evolv Limitless, this is the ideal formula to lose weight and get fit.

Energize Formula: With the Evolv Energize formula you can stay energized all day, every day. Say goodbye to those dragging mornings and mid-afternoon slump with the combination of Evolv Limitless, Evolv Café Rosso and Evolv ActivateATP!

The Complete Formula: If you are looking for a complete transformation, then the Evolv Complete Health Formula gives you a great combination of Evolv products including Evolv ActivateATP, Evolv Limitless, Evolv Café Rosso, Evolv Shake, and Evolv Ultimate.

Evolv Health | Compensation Plan

evolv health compensation planTo take part in the lucrative Evolv Health compensation plan, you must purchase a Marketing Starter kit which would be either $499 or $999 depending on what level you are comfortable starting at. By making that investment to start a home businesss, you are now a business owner and can receive additional tax advantages. Just talk with your tax person and find out how to take part in these tax benefits.

The Evolv Health comp plan is a binary structure allowing you to place your distributors either on your left team or right team. Evolv is a typical binary that pays 10% of your “pay leg” aka the team with the least amount of sales and growth lol.

It is always funny to hear distributors from these binary plans talk up the benefits of the “lesser leg” and how the money “builds up” until you catch up your small team to the larger, growing team. Most greedy corporate owners of network marketing companies setup the pay plan like this because they know the average distributor will never be able to catch up a small team with no momentum to a team that already has tons of distributors and is growing each and every month.

Evolv Health | Can You Succeed in Evolv?

So can you get filthy stinkin’ rich by promoting the Evolv Health home business?

There are many couples and single parents across the United States who have been able to leave their full time job so they can spend more time at home with their family.

So yes, there are tons of average people having massive success in Evolv Health.

xyngular review

You are obviously going to need a “slight edge” over the 4,000 over health and wellness related MLM companies and their fanatical distributors.

You must give the people who are interested in your home business a really good reason to join with you instead of the guy at the top of the comp plan earning 5 figures per week.

I mean if you don’t lead with value, offer your team and prospects free training, a duplicating system or mastermind group of some kind then your prospects have NO reason WHATSOEVER to join you.

If you want to learn how to get known as the marketer who has tremendous value, the best training in the industry, and be the person positioned on the front page of Google when people type in stuff like “How to join Evolv Health” or “Where Do I sign up for Evolv health?” contact me below so we can setup an educational blueprint to take you from the rank of Evolv 2k all the way to Blue Diamond in 90 days or less.

I hope you have enjoyed this Evolv Health review!

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