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EPX Body Daily Sea Veg

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg

epx body daily seavegEPX Body Daily Sea Veg is a 100% vegetable sea weed supplement containing over twelve different nutritionally dense species of organic sea plants that are safely harvested and imported from pristine oceans across the world.

This proprietary blend of green, red, and brown sea plants is the most extensive blend of sea plants ever created, and no other health product on the market today contains this powerful formulation of whole plants and the whole spectrum of phytonutrients.

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg |  What is the Benefit?

Eating whole sea plants daily can improve your health. Sea vegetation has long been acknowledged as a detoxifier, and a great source of organically bound nutrients. Many scientific studies have shown sea vegetation works as an amazing healing agent.

Sea plants are extraordinary in that they live only on light and sea water. Although they are not rooted, they can grow up to 2 feet each day! When sea plants are added to the daily diet even in small amounts, profound improvements take place in your biological health. These changes begin with the organic vegetable iodine found naturally occurring in EPX Body Daily Sea Veg.

Every known mineral and vitamin is contained in whole sea plants, all in naturally occurring and bio available amounts. Hundreds of phyto (plant) chemicals are also present, each having a contributing role to play in our overall health.

Regular Diet vs. Sea Plants in Diet?

Cultures that have diets rich in fish and other sea food, such as the Japanese and Korean people who on average consume over 7 grams of sea plants each day, experience remarkable health and wellness that can be traced back to their diet from the sea. Fish are considered health food mainly because they consume sea plants all day long.

In contrast, societies with diets based on foods and supplements altered by chemistry and science are suffering from rapid increases in degenerative disease. Most people’s bodies are pH imbalanced and highly acidic, which causes a long list of ailments as well as significant decreases in health and longevity. Man and his science cannot and will not ever create whole food nutrition.

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg Vs. Competitors?

Unlike mainstream synthetic tablets or liquid supplements, which tend to contain more tap water than actual nutrients, EPX Body Daily Sea Veg feeds your cells with the most nutritionally potent, mineral-rich family of whole sea plants on Earth.

It contains a full spectrum of natural seaweed nutrition, trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega 3’s and 6’s, antioxidants, growth hormones, polyphenols, flavonoids and much more. It also contains powerful phyto nutrients , Fucoidan and Laminarin, which are not found in land plants or mainstream supplements.

What Can EPX Body Daily Sea Veg Do For YOU?

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg is up to 60 times more potent than any land plant salad and contains hundreds of organic plant compounds known as phyto (plant) chemicals. These organic compounds are extremely necessary for proper cell health, but many are missing from our processed food supply and not found in man-made synthetic supplements, making EPX Body Daily Sea Veg an ideal supplement to any healthy diet for the entire family!

Once you make EPX Body Daily Sea Veg a part of your daily regimen and lifestyle, your blood will become more oxygenated, your tissues and organs will function more efficiently, your skin will become more youthful in appearance, and your life will improve as your move day by day, towards superior overall health.

I hope you have enjoyed this EPX Body Daily Sea Veg Review!

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