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Xango Review | Profits That Lie Hidden in the Xango MLM

Xango Review | What You Need To Know

xango reviewThere have been hundreds of Xango reviews that have been floating across the internet since Xango opened for business.
You are probably online today trying to figure whether or not there is a “Xango Scam” out there you need to be worried about. Maybe you just want to answer the question as to “What is Xango?”

You might also want to know if there is a real opportunity for you to make money at Xango. In this third party Xango review, I will tell you more about the history behind Xango, their product line, compensation plan, and the truth about how you can make a full time income by owning a Xango business.

Xango Review | So What is Xango?

Xango was launched over 10 years ago and blazed a trail across the network marketing industry. The company was founded by 6 MLM professionals who have had massive success in the industry previous to starting Xango.

They market the Xango juice and other products through a “word of mouth” or multi-level marketing business model. This allows distributors to earn commissions when they sell products to retail customers, or distributors they refer to the business.

Xango Review | What’s In The Xango Product Line?

xango productsThe flagship product at Xango is called Xango juice. This is a blend of many fruits found across the globe, the main ingredient and fruit being mangosteen. They say the health benefits from their juice is found in the ingredient known as xanthones, and that there are 40 different kind of xanthones in their product.

They also have a supplement called Eliviv that is made to make you feel more alert and cheerful. It contains a powerful blend of eurycoma longifolia, citrus peel extract, green tea extract, and L-theanine.

Xango also has a complete skin care product line called Glimpse. This skin care product also contains the main ingredient found in their Xango juice which is mangosteen. The complete skincare system from Glimpse offers a 4 step collection for daily care including a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Xango Review | The Xango Compensation Plan

There are up to 4 ways for Xango distributors to earn an income with the Xango home business.

1. Retail Sales: profits from sales to customers aka the difference from wholesale and retail cost.

2. Power Start commission: This is when you enroll new distributors who make their first product purchase within 30 days of signing up.

3. Unilevel commission: For ongoing purchases made by Distributors in your downline depending on which rank you are.

4. Global Bonus Pool: Premier Distributors and above can earn a portion of the Xango Global bonus pool.

Xango Review| Can You Succeed With Xango?

So after reading this in depth Xango review, you are either one of two things.

You don’t care about Xango and it is not the opportunity you were hoping for.

You are so excited you can’t wait to get started in Xango!

So what happens once you take the plunge and invest the start up costs to get involved with Xango?

They will probably tell you to make a list of your family and friends, invite them over for a “Grand opening” for your new Xango business so they can sample the products and make some customer purchases.

Maybe go on Facebook and contact all the sharp people you know who are entrepreneurs and love to make money. Share the Xango opportunity with them and get them enrolled.

Almost sounds too easy… too good to be true, right?

Although this sounds easy, most people won’t tell their friends and family about their new home business because they are ashamed of coming off as a salesman, or wacky Amway rep.

It’s just the truth!

So there is obviously a way that the top income earners in Xango are making so much money! They obviously sponsored people in their family and neighborhood, but they still have teams in other states and even countries!

metabolife reviews


Because they got their message in front of a targeted audience.

By targeted audience I mean people who are already online searching for “How to join Xango” or “Good home business to start” and so on.

There are people out there who are already interested in promoting Xango so what you need to do is to learn how to position yourself in a way so that these people will hunt you down and want to join Xango with YOU and only YOU.

If you feel that this information would help you get to the top of the Xango compensation plan, feel free to contact me below so I can get you your Free Xango Cash Blueprint so that your Xango business is a huge success!

I hope you have enjoyed this third party Xango review,

…and I will see you on the beaches of the world!

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