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Gordon Moss | Greatest Networker In The World or a Con Artist?

Gordon Moss | Greatest Networker In The World?

 greatest networker in the worldAre you an online or network marketer who has been recently contacted by a guy named Gordon Moss? Gordon is claiming to the be the author of the “Greatest Networker In The World” and has supposedly been around network marketing for over four decades!

Now although I haven’t been around MLM for 40 years because I am only 21 years old, I have been around long enough to know that the author of “The Greatest Networker In The World” is a guy by the name of John Milton Fogg.

So as soon as this “Gordo” or Gordon Moss character started throwing out these lavish claims about how he is the highest paid network marketer alive, the top recruiter in Numis Network and even my own network marketing company EPX Body, I knew the guy was full of shit. He even claims to have “taught David Wood everything he knows.”

Is Gordon Moss a Con Artist?

Now after hearing this Gordon Moss guys claims of being the highest paid this, top recruiter that, although I knew he was full of shit I just wanted to keep listening to see what the heck this guy was actually going to pitch me. The first tell tale sign that he is a scam artist is the fact that his voice is disguised through the phone. It almost sounds like he has been smoking for 100 years, but after hearing how sketchy this guys business model is I am near certain he uses a voice changer.

Gordon will go on to tell you that you have no idea what you are doing, your company sucks and that you aren’t even doing it right. (Wait a minute, didn’t he JUST tell me he was a top recruiter in my MLM?) He says there is no money in network marketing, and uses analogies to show you that the person who learns how to recruit ‘heavy hitters’ who already have thousands of people in their down line will make the most money.

What is Gordon Moss Selling?

gordon mossSo after listening to this guy mumble around for over an hour, he finally sends me to a website about $100 drop cards. Great idea! Buy generic drop cards that look like a $100 bill folded in half, and when they open it up they get a pitch for an opportunity with your contact information. Actually seems like a great idea that might help me generate some local leads, I was somewhat interested in purchasing a box of these $100 drop cards.

Gordon went on to say that he sells these cards to Mexican Drug Cartel, Brothels, and other people who can use these $100 drop cards to recruit new gang members, hookers etc. After he said this I knew the guy was either running an illegal operation or trying to get me caught up somehow.

Here is where it gets very shady…

Gordon says that he doesn’t deal in checks or credit cards when selling his infamous $100 drop cards. You must overnight $425 cash directly to his house or use Western Union. Huge red flag.

A simple Google search for “Gordon Moss” comes up with many complaints on the official Rip Off Report site.

Another article about the Gordon Moss Scam was written by a fellow network marketer named Andrew Murray.

Everybody has basically had the same experience with this dumb ass from what I can find. I wanted to put a picture of him on this article but he is so sneaky he doesn’t have a personal blog or website even though he is “the highest paid network marketer alive” and “top recruiter in every company under the sun.”

I hope this article will save you time and money in the future if you get a phone call from the “World’s Greatest Networker” Gordon Moss!

Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart


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8 thoughts on “Gordon Moss | Greatest Networker In The World or a Con Artist?

  1. Gordon Moss update: He is broke; no money, no house, no car, no nothing. But where is he? He is living with a woman in a suburb of Cleveland. He is a frequent visitor at the Horseshoe Casino downtown. I tried to get my friend to snap a photo of him, but he wouldn’t do it.
    We have no interest or business dealings with this con artist. We met him ate the Casino, realized he was full of shit, and decided to Google him. Apparently, he is restarting his business card scam.


    1. sounds just like him lol yeah he called me back a few months after my first encounter using a new name “Sonny” but I could tell it was him by his voice and stupid business card pitch.. what a scammer


          1. The World’s Greatest Network Marketer, he is! Yet, you forgot to mention the cutting edge 800 gallon therapeutic whirlpool he invented ,(and donated), to the, “Aging and Shorter-than Ever Midgets with Oompaloompa PTSD”, foundation! He even filled it to the brim with 100% Scandinavian sardines packed in mustard sauce! What?….The World’s Greatest Network Marketer….The worlds greatest is right! He never lied about what the hell he was doing. He always said first…”You cannot do what I do!. If you think you can, you’re lying to yourself”. He was forthcoming and never “candy coated” what he was selling. You bought cards! And God forbid, you needed to sell the same to people YOU worked hard to get to a call hosted by Gordon. He never, ever sold or took from the people i worked my ass off to get to those calls. I had over 20,000 capture page hits in the first 6 months and brought 83 people to my 2nd call 26 days in. He sold 28 of those for me as he promised and taught me how to do the same. I made and kept ALL money!!! ALL money was mine. I made more that one call with Gordon Moss than I did in 1 and 1/2 yrs as a fucking RN. So get over it. He steals nothing. So, If you think you can do what we/I do, drop that bullshit “network marketing” your dumping and losing so much cash to and hang with me…I am not shy about saying… You’ll never make the cash I do, but I’ll show you exactly how I do it. But I’ll never show where I bury it….


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