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Legal Shield | Legal Shield Reviews | Is It To Good To Be True?

legal shieldAre you looking for some more information about Legal Shield?

Maybe you are thinking about joining as either a customer or distributor to have your own team of lawyers on hand in case you are signing a contract, or get pulled over by the police.

I am glad that you took time out of your busy schedule to do some research about the company, and see if you should actually join and promote the legal services to earn additional income.

In this third party Legal Shield review, I will talk about the companies history, their main product, and the cost to join and maintain your membership.

Legal Shield: Company Background

The company has been around since 1972 which says a lot about their product and management team. Being able to stay in business for 41 years in the direct sales industry is quite an accomplishment for any company.

They are a New York based equity group, and their proprietary system can’t be duplicated which is assuring to their distributors.

Legal Shield currently has 1.4 million members but after recently meeting up with one of their top producers, he told me that they plan to double that number in the next 6-12 months.

Legal Shield: The Products

The flagship Legal Shield product is having their team of lawyers across the country available to you via the phone, letters, and many other benefits. Their team will read over important contracts and documents for you, write out your will, and healthcare power of attorney.

Their firms handle traffic related issues, trial defense, pre trial services, as well as representation at trial. You also have 24-7 emergency access in case anything happens to you. The firm they utilize for services each month also has lawyers who specialize in identity theft, credit card fraud, social security fraud, and drivers license fraud too.

The cost of their Standard Legal plan is $26.95 per month, and if you want Extended Trial Defense and an Identity Theft Plan included then it is $35.95 per month.

Legal Shield: Can You Earn Income?

legal shield reviewLegal Shield offers between 1-18% residuals on personally enrolled members and 18-25% to people in your organization.

They also have fast start bonuses when you enroll new distributors at the $149 packages, as well as when you sign up customers for the $26-$35 monthly legal services.

They also offer a BMW car program when you hit a certain rank in the compensation plan. You can earn $500 in a car bonus to pay for your purchased or leased BMW vehicle. Always remember when purchasing or leasing these cars, that you MUST remain qualified at that certain rank each and every month in order for Legal Shield to keep paying the monthly bill.

Legal Shield: Can You Succeed?

Obviously Legal Shield is a legit company as they have been in business for over 40 years, so yes you can succeed and yes they will send you a check month after month IF you put in the time and effort to actually learn how to build a Legal Shield business.

They will probably tell you to make a list of your friends, family and everybody else you know so you can invite them to a Public Business Reception so they can learn more about the Legal Shield opportunity.

Now you and I both know, that after awhile you are going to run out of friends and family to pitch your business to.

How are you going to get positioned for the future?

organo gold review

You must learn how to get your message and opportunity presentation in front of people who are already on the internet searching for ‘Ways to make money from home’ or even better ‘How to join Legal Shield’.

Without being positioned as an expert on how to make money from home, you will have to keep running around town talking to everybody within 3 feet of you about your new business opportunity.

There is a better way folks… just saying.

I hope you have enjoyed this Legal Shield review!

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