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Network Marketing: Should You Use Classified Ads for Free Leads?

What are Classified Ads?

classified adsClassified ads are short advertisements that are usually placed in newspapers and other publications for marketing reasons. People involved in network marketing use classified ads to peak their interest about the work at home opportunity they are providing so that they can prospect these potential business partners.

Most of the time, the use of a classified ad is not to make the sale right away, but to create curiosity about your product or service. Contact information is always provided with the classified ads where people who are interested can call and seek more information.

These type of follow up methods are what will finally close the sale or help recruit the person into the opportunity.

These ads are different from the conventional ads of corporate companies that are seen commonly. The high cost is definitely one of the reasons for that… corporate ads have a mega budget which solo or even teams of prominent network marketers couldn’t afford.

However, these network marketing classified ads will also try to make the best of the ad space they get by putting in as much copy as they can. While corporate classified ads go for visual appeal, small business classified ads go for appeal of the words
used in the ads.

What are the Pros of Using Classified Ads?

pros and cons
What are the Pros and Cons?

The price to run classified ads are typically very cheap. These ads can be run for several days continuously in the same newspaper which can make the advertiser offer you a bulk package where your exposure is better.

A classified ad will be visible to a huge audience from different walks of life. Even some people who the advertiser may not be actually looking for may end up being interested in the opportunity.

In any case, classified ads can open up new vistas. Classified ads can also bring targeted prospects if they are placed in special publications that are meant only for classifieds. No one is needed to keep a classified ad campaign running. This reduces employee costs.

What are the Cons of Using Classified Ads?

If the advertiser is not able to further the prospecting campaign after the classified ads, it can be a waste of time. People who are interested in the classified ads will usually call up the number provided.

If the advertiser does not have the skills or the resources to impress them at this stage, the campaign could fall flat and be burdensome on the financial resources.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about using classified ads to generate MLM leads!

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