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People Join Leaders Not MLM Companies


People Join Leaders Not MLM Companies
Luis Mercado’s Team

Does your opportunity or business matter all that much? Maybe.


Is X company better than Y company? Maybe.


Will people join a certain company instead of another because of the products? Maybe.


You are probably wondering what is the main reason people join a business. The reason is YOU. Do you think people will join somebody that never takes anything serious, or would they join somebody that has goals in life that they want to achieve’s business?


People will join the people that know where they are going and have true belief in themselves. If you don’t have belief in yourself and your business, don’t expect people that are introduced to your business to have belief in themselves. I’ve had people in my business that would complain saying they can’t get anybody join.


I would tell them to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they would join their business if they were somebody else. After they realized what I was telling them, I introduced them to the system I use to go from a struggling network marketer to a successful one and they are now starting to know more about how this industry really works.


All of the top network marketers are leaders and always attract people to their presence.  When I first started I was very shy and not very confident in my abilities.

I began to develop myself to be a leader and it was not easy, you can’t be afraid to fail. People will challenge you and your beliefs and if you don’t have belief in yourself then you will fail.


Top network marketers have all went through the difficult path of becoming leaders that’s why they are where they are at. When you become a leader you will find yourself being pursued. People will want to join you and be associated with you so they can gain some of your value.


When you do this, people will want to join you because they are attracted to your power and values.


This was a guest post by Luis Mercado. You can reach him at 786-972-4835


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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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