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Promote your MLM using Instagram

Promote your MLM using Instagram

Hey my friends, how are you all doing today? Hope you are all having a swell and wonderful day as I am. Its beautiful here in sunny Florida, going to hit the beach with some of my team mates today. Thought I would do a little training about how to promote your MLM using Instagram. 

For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is quickly become one of the hottest and fastest growing social medias out there. There are over 90 million users who post just over 25 million photo’s a day. That’s a lot of photos…

With all of these users I would say less than 5% are network marketing competition. This gives you access to an untapped market place my friends! :)

So the first thing you are going to want to do is download the Instagram app and set up your profile. Once your Instagram profile is made fill out your about me, upload a profile picture, make sure to put your phone number in your about me if you want to receive some calls(If you put it where the phone number spot it is, it doesn’t show up).

Some of the top home business company’s that are really taking over Instagram are Vemma,  MCA, EPX Body, Amway, Visalus, Solavei, and Monavie.   This can be good or bad depending who you are. For instance if one company has a price comparison chart against some other company’s on IG, people are going to see the other company’s flaws and imperfections.

How to get home business leads using Instagram?

So how do you get home business leads using Instagram? Well one for sure way is to go to where the hash tags are  explore some of the home business tags. There are quite a few so finding them shouldn’t be too hard. Some examples are #Homebiz #MLM #Workfromhome you get it simple hash tags. Once you have found some pictures using the hash tags about home business, go check out some of the other users profiles. Read there about me and if there is a phone number….. BOOOM…. new lead. But don’t call these people and strait pitch your company, no body like that and you will receive some hangups :(

Instead connect with them, get to know them. Find out why there are doing home business and see how it going for them. Find out there struggles, there success. Worst case scenario everything is going good for them. This will do two things to you. One give you a new home business friend, and two give you a prospect to call back in 3-4 months. Who know maybe they quit there company and are looking for something new.

The final make money tip I can give you about using Instagram to promote your home business is that it is life style marketing at its finest. So start taking Instagram photos throughout your day, get creative, I’ve seen some pretty crazy home biz stuff on IG so play it to your advantage. Instagram is fun when you start to get the hang of it so have fun with it and be yourself!

Also don’t forget… the people who like your pictures are potential leads so don’t be afraid to check the out their profile to get in contact with them.

I hope you all have enjoyed this blog post about How to Promote your Home Business using Instagram

See you on the highway to success my friends!

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