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What To Look For When Joining An MLM: Part 2

 What to look for when joining a mlm part 2



Hey everyone how’s it going?  Hope you are having  a great day as I am,  today we are going go over  part two of our series what to look for when joining an MLM.  If you are reading this and are yet to read part 1, I highly encourage to STOP and read part one now.

In this part of our series I want to talk about what tools too look for when joining a home business. When you have the right MLM tools you can essentially succeed with company in this industry. Your tools will say a lot about the type of marketing your company is running. Not to mention most leaders and top network marketers are usually apart of a  company that only  bring along really good websites and tools.

Proper Training & Tools

So what are some of these MLM tools you should be looking for? Well, for starters, one of the very first things I look for are a companies websites. These play a major role because when you put URL links out there, they are usually out  there forever(unless you change them) so you want to make sure your traffic lands on a good website, not some crummy one that bozo the clown made.

Another major tool to look for are capture pages. The company you are looking at must have great capture pages that should  absolutely blow you away, and if they don’t, I recommend that you don’t join. Captures page should have the capability to make you sales everyday on autopilot so having these as part of your system is a must.

The next piece of the puzzle I look at are the website statistics so I can see how many people are stopping  by my capture pages, sales funnels, and websites. Because whats the point of having all of these fancy gadgets if you  don’t know how many views you are receiving throughout the month, right?

The final thing I look for are Email responders. Now these are really hard to find when getting  involved with an MLM. Most MLM’s make you buy a separate Email responder from another company just email your dang prospects. That’s why I recommend that you find a company that has an Email responder already built-in so you don’t have to deal with that expense or hassle, because believe me, it can be a pain in the ass.

The last thing to look for or to avoid I should say is the charge an extra monthly fee from your company to use their websites. This right here really grind my gears! It is just absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for. I mean if you are on a monthly autoship and are building their organization you should not have to pay extra every month to use their websites. It is just stupid and really shows the CEO’s greed.

Well I sure hope you all have enjoyed part two of this series, Please leave comments and concerns

Craig Ronaldson

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