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What To Look For When Joining An MLM: Part 3

What To Look For When Joining an MLM Part 3


Hey everyone thank you so very much for stopping by this website to today to complete part three of our series, what to look for when joining an MLM. If you have not read part one and part two make sure to do so!

So far in the series we have gone over what products to look for, we have gone over what tools and websites you will need to succeed in your new MLM; the only thing left to do is look for  your upline and CEO.

You see having a good upline or mentor will do you and your business wonders but it will only go so far if you have greedy CEO running the operations, and vice versa. You could have a great CEO and a bad upline running you around in circles, causing you to  start thinking that  the company is terrible!

The first thing I look for is a good CEO. I tend to look for two different types of CEO’s; one who has been the CEO of a successful company and is ready to do it again, or one who has made most of their money through MLM and knows what type of system the distributors like to have.

I recommend that you DO NOT partner up with new or first time CEO’s as they usually do not have a grasp on things and tend to drive MLM’s into the ground. Trust me I know from experience.

What to look for in an MLM upline?

Now that you know what kind of CEO should be running your MLM, it is now time to choose who you should partner up with as your MLM up line. Having a good up line is just as important as having a good CEO. In fact it may actually be just a little more important, depending on the type of company you are involved with.

Some of the first things I look for in an up line are availability,  are they going to be able to answer my phone calls when I call them? This is very important because you are going to be calling your up line at random times throughout the week and you want to make sure they are going to be available when you need to talk to them.

The next thing I look for is experience. Is the person you are going to be working with, an experienced network marketer who knows how to get sales and help you duplicate your business? Or are they someone who is new to network marketing and knows just as much as you know?

There is is a big gap when working with a veteran compared to working with an amateur. The veterans will have you working with their system, while the amateurs will have you begging your friends and family to join.

But lets be honest my friends would you rather work with a person who teaches you how to pester your friends and family, or would you rather work with somebody who can teach you how to generate, call, and close new leads on a  regular basis?

The choice is really up to you, but I myself like to work with somebody who can teach me to succeed and grow my MLM business. Working from home, for yourself, full time is an experience I think every person should experience, there is nothing better than waking up when ever you want, working a few hours here and there and then having free time to enjoy rest of your day.

If you are not living the work from home life style I highly encourage to give me a call so that we can have you working for yourself instead of somebody else for the rest of your life!

Craig RonaldsonSee you on the Highway to Success!”

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