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SereniGy: The Healthiest Coffee or ‘Wanna Be’ Organo Gold?

serenigy reviewAre you browsing the search engines today looking for more information about SereniGy the “healthier” coffee and tea using ganoderma mushroom?

Maybe you’re just still a bit skeptical about joining SereniGy because of the  many articles and videos across the internet saying it’s a scam… and you have every right to be!

There are a lot of scams and get rich quick things out there and history repeats itself time and time again, they just don’t work!

So what is SereniGy: Healthy Coffee or Another MLM Scam?

In my research I have come to find out that the company is definitely not a scam, but a direct sales or “word of mouth” based company, meaning it is not sold in stores but through a volunteer army of people who are passionate about the product and earning income from promoting it.

They have a tangible product with their line of coffees, teas, nutritional supplements and even a weight loss line.

They ship these products out to their distributors on an auto shipment, as well as retail customers.

What’s so scammy about that? Lol…

In my third party SereniGy review, I will cover the company background and management team, their product catalog, the compensation plan, and also lay down the facts as to whether or not YOU can actually succeed and earn an income with SereniGy.

SereniGy Review: Management Team

carrie ruelle
Hottest CEO in MLM? I Report, You Decide! 🙂

Recently the SereniGy management team was under some scrutiny.

From the Business for Home official website:

According to several well informed sources the Serenigy company board unanimously voted to terminate Jay Noland after Felony Embezzlement charges in Florida and after allegations taking millions from Serenigy and not paying manufactures, or distributor commissions.

The new CEO is Carrie Ruelle.

SereniGy Review: The Product Line

Like I stated in the beginning, the company offers their version of a healthy coffee, tea, supplement line of products, and a few others. They have many big competitors in the network marketing arena such as Organo Gold, GanoLife, Javita Coffee, Vidacup and many more.

Their gourmet beverages are all an instant coffee type like most network marketing companies.

On their website it states “But don’t let the small packages fool you into thinking these are run-of-the-mill instant beverages. These special products undergo exacting proprietary processes designed to capture the full flavor and aroma spectrum of their exceptional underlying ingredients.”

SereniGy Review: Compensation Plan Time

After doing some research about the SereniGy compensation plan, it seems as though they try to spruce it up with 12 different ways you can get paid. Sounds good on paper, but behind all the hype its just a typical binary comp plan where the little guy doesn’t stand a chance.

Just like in Mona Vie, Organo Gold and all these other companies where the seasoned veterans on top rake in tens of millions of dollars, and the CEO and his team get stupid rich… while all the new distributors on the bottom are averaging less than $150 a month.

Ain’t nobody got time for that…

SereniGy Review: In Conclusion 

To wrap things up with this third party review, the company is legit and has a consumable product that people use and reorder every month if they experience some type of health benefit from it.

There are many average, everyday people like you and me who are earning either a part time or even a full time income with SereniGy.

So yes, you can succeed with this company if you decide to join.

Now I am not here to pitch you because like I said this is completely unbiased and I’m not a distributor for this company. I just want to offer the people who are already promoting SereniGy or just about to join, some tips and advice so they don’t fail like most people do in these type of companies.

You first have to realize that calling your friends and family, doing home/hotel meetings are a thing of the past.

FREE SereniGy Bootcamp

They still work and build teams but there is a way for you to get positioned on the internet so that way when people go to the search engines and type stuff in like “Where to Join SereniGy” or maybe “Best Leader to Join SereniGy With” they find you instead of the leaders up top raking in millions.

If you feel that this information would help you succeed in SereniGy, or whatever home business you decide to join, feel free to reach out and contact me below.

I will see you at the bank.

joe stewart

Joe Stewart


CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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