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Ganolife: The MLM Coffee Competition Is Heating Up With Ganolife!

It seems like every other day when I go about my normal marketing routine such as:

-Connecting with new people on Facebook and other networks.

-Reading MLM industry news online.

-Doing research for a blog post I’m writing.

-Watching network marketing related videos on YouTube.


I always hear something about a new MLM coffee company starting…

…or maybe they are in “pre-launch” and so on. 😉

Not only have I recently been pitched for Ganolife a few times, but I have seen it on plenty of popular MLM news sites and online classified ads all over place.

They are in a bit of legal controversy with their rival company Gano Excel.

The former CEO of Gano Excel, Joven Cabasag is alleged to have attempted to steal all of Gano Excel’s business and assets and to set it up under a new company called GanoLife.


So What Is Ganolife?

Ganolife is another network marketing company offering coffee with the popular ingredient ganoderma lucidum.

Are they gaining momentum during this pre launch phase? Do they even stand a chance against all these other MLM coffee companies such as Organo Gold, Javita Coffee, Vidacup, or SereniGy?

It seems like there is a lot of competition in the “healthy coffee” market these days, which is why I chose to steer clear when I get pitched for these instant coffee deals.

Ganolife: The Binary Compensation Plan

The one thing I have noticed about all of these coffee companies that are marketed via multi-level marketing, or “word of mouth” is that all of their compensation plans are binaries.

I know the top income earners and greedy CEO’s love these hybrid binary based compensation plans because they keep most of the money, while the new distributors and little guy doesn’t stand a chance. Unless you’re a power recruiter and can balance your left and right team, you are only going to get paid off the smaller of your two sales teams.

Now if your just looking to make a few thousand per month, that is okay. Ganolife has room for retail profit if you buy their coffee at the affiliate price of $17, and mark it up to retail of $25-$30 and boom you have money in your pocket. Not a lot, but hey you’re in business!

The one thing that I was impressed with about Ganolife was their LEAP program which offers distributors the chance to open up a branded kiosk to market the products in a mall or store setting, or flea market type of event and possibly promote the business opportunity by handing out literature or other types of marketing materials.

From the Ganolife Support website:

GanoLife™ is proud to present L.E.A.P. ™ – an innovative blend of traditional merchandising and Network Marketing that generates greater profits and grows your bonus check. We offer a variety of models that you and your team can place in strategic sales locations in your hometown.Project L.E.A.P. provides advantages that far exceed traditional Direct Sales models. Each kiosk you enroll generates retail profits for the owner and Bonuses for you (plus the organization that introduced you to GanoLife). Project L.E.A.P. is just one of the advantages of the GanoLife 365 Prosperity Plan and a major advance in traditional Network Marketing compensation!

Ganolife: The Product Line

Ganolife Products
Ganolife Products

At the time being, the company is offering many choices as far as what type of coffee you want to receive when you join the company or get on a monthly auto shipment.

They have a black coffee, latte, mocha, caramel, vanilla and hazelnut cappuccino flavors.

On top of their line of healthy coffee and teas, they offer dietary supplements including  a patented extract of Ganoderma Lucidum in its most concentrated state, and a capsule called Immunalife as well.

I spoke with some distributors who are actually launching Ganolife into the first ten countries they were approved to do business in.

They have said that this is just the beginning and they expect the company to come out with a lot more health and wellness related products, focusing on the ganoderma ingredient, hence the name “Ganolife”.

Ganolife Conclusion: Can You Succeed?

To wrap things up with my Ganolife review, the company is legit and has a consumable product that people use and reorder every month if they experience some type of health benefit from it.

So yes, you can succeed with this company if you decide to join.

Now I am not here to pitch you because like I said this is completely third party article, and I’m not a distributor for this company or any of their competing coffee companies.


I just want to offer the people who are already promoting Ganolife or just about to join, some tips and advice so they don’t fail like most people do in these type of companies.

You first have to realize that calling your friends and family, doing home/hotel meetings are athing of the past.

They still work and build teams but there is a way for you to get positioned on the internet so that way when people go to the search engines and type stuff in like “How to join Ganolife” or maybe “Best Leader in Ganolife” they find you instead of the leaders up top earning 6-7 figures a year.

If you feel that this information would help you succeed in Ganolife or whatever home business you decide to join, feel free to reach out and contact me below.

I will see you on the beaches of the world!

joe stewart

Joe Stewart


CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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