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Is Numis Network Expensive Coins Or Bullion In A Slab?

The Numis Network 

Are you looking for more information about the Numis Network?

Still not 100% sure if you should join yet due to all of the “Numis Network Scam” claims across the internet?

numis coins
Is Numis Doomed?

In this Numis Network Review, I will break down the companies management team, their often controversial gold and silver product line, and then I will show you a simple way to almost guarantee your success in Numis Network at the end of the review.

What Is Numis Network Up To Now?

The company is currently shaking up network marketing ‘industry standards‘ by holding a $10 Million Dollar Free Silver Giveaway.

They also recently announced at their recent leadership trip that they now have manufactured silver sample cards which contain a 1 gram silver coin attached to a business card which is now available for Numis Network distributors to purchase.

numis network coinsThe idea is to hand them out to potential business partners, or directly mail them to people who opt in to their Numis Network Free Silver Giveaway capture pages. This is a lot different than passing out your typical energy drink, diet pill, or consumable product!

The founders of Numis Network also announced that the first distributor inside the company to build a team of 5,000 reps over the next 18 months would earn a one time, $1 million dollar cash bonus.

This created quite a frenzy across the industry, and many top leaders who had left Numis Network in the past decided to come back and give it another a shot.

The Numis Network |  Founders of Numis

The Numis Network was founded by Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian, and Ian Cordell, a group of 3 successful businessman who have been active in the direct sales industry for over twenty years.

Chris Kent and Ian Cordell have been friends since the 3rd grade and business partners since 1994 when they started their first company together.

In 2001 Ian Cordell and Chris Kent established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, IDSTC has become one of the best providers of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with many clients throughout the world.

What makes Numis Coins So Expensive? 

The flagship product of the Numis Network is a MS70 graded 1 oz coin of silver each month. Their auto ship is known as the “Silver Premier  Club” which currently costs $119 per month plus an additional $20 per month to pay for your marketing websites, email auto responder, and a monthly subscription to Success Magazine along with audio CD’s packed with training from the three Numis founders and top income earners.

There have been a lot of people surprised at the price of the MS70 coins provided by Numis Network. A lot of die hard coin collectors have come out and stated that the ANACS coins that are frequently sold to distributors each month don’t hold their value well against NGC and other coin grading services.numis network coins

Coin dealers have said that most new coins that come out of the mint are MS69 or MS70, and that the mass production of these graded coins has devalued the market place.

The only thing valuable about the product is the 1 oz of pure silver and not necessarily the mint state grade. Although a lot of coin collectors drool over MS70, you will only get what collectors are willing to pay for that MS70 stamp.

Now that is not to bash Numis Network, they have a great product that needs no explanation and is pretty neat to be offered through a network marketing business model. If you love building home businesses or want to get into online marketing then Numis Network might be a great fit for you.

But if you are looking to invest in silver to eventually sell it when the price goes up in the years to come, I would recommend simply purchasing bullion rounds or bars of silver for close to spot price.

You can find similar MS70 coins for less than half the price Numis is offering them for at websites like Provident Metals, APMEX or Silvertowne.

Silver is at about $22 right now as I am writing this review almost $100 less than the monthly cost of the MS70 Silver Premier Club coin from Numis.

I hope you have enjoyed this Numis Network Review, and I hope you now know the answer to the common question “What is Numis Network?”

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