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Dude Asked Me, Should I Start a Blog?

should I start a blogThere are thousands of good reasons why you should have your own personal blog.

Many people add content to their blog on a daily basis just to share information about their life like a journal. Other people with the mindset of an entrepreneur like me, turn a basic blog page into a money making machine.

Also as you write more and more posts about your profession or industry, you actually become better at it and more knowledgeable. Now although this isn’t my first MLM blog, it is almost a year old now. Over the last year I have published close to 200 posts, generated thousands of free leads, sold copies of my new book and recruited more people into my network marketing company then ever before.

Back to his question: Should I Start a Blog?

In my opinion, over the next few years, everybody in the world who is serious about becoming a famous musician, author, or entrepreneur will be blogging.

When you have your own blog site you are able to write posts, or make videos targeting your specific customer, or prospect’s needs. Bring valuable content on a regular basis to the marketplace, and customers will buy from you in a hurry compared to your competition.

You’re also able to personally brand yourself as a leader in your main niche. If you are an author or network marketer like myself, then start a network marketing blog and write articles with solutions to many of the problems faced by other network marketers and watch your phone start ringing off the hook with prospects ready to join you in business.

With a good MLM blog site you are also able to build relationships with people over time as they come back to visit your site. Once they know you provide valuable content, and are a professional in whatever it is you are doing, they will come back to your site day after day to hear what you have to say about business and life.

Should I Start a Blog: Does Blogging Increase Credibility?

A personal blog with great content and free training gives you the authority, and credibility as a true expert in whatever your’e doing. It is also a great way to generate a nice part time or a full time income. Many people blog full time by having advertisements run on their page or selling services and products to their list of potential customers and prospects.

With the right content syndication and SEO techniques, you can target specific keywords that your prospects are searching for on Google and get your website positioned on the front page of search engines driving tons of traffic, prospects, and sales to your website all by a post you may have written years ago.

I hope this article has answered your question as to “Should I Start a blog?”

I will see you on the beaches of the world my friends! Until next time!

Joe StewartJoe Stewart

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