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Breaking MLM News: Brig Hart Leaves MonaVie, Launches Healthy Home, and now Evolv Health

It’s Official: Brig Hart Leaves MonaVie

Brig Hart Leaves MonaVie
Brig Hart Leaves MonaVie

Normally when a 7 figure earner makes the decision to sell off their distributorship or leave their company to go pursue a new one I am usually in shock…

How could somebody just give up a 6 figure monthly income?

I guess at some point in peoples lives they have made enough money, have enough investments setup to pay themselves and their family for decades to come and they just call it a day.

Brig Hart Leaves Monavie: All Downhill From Here?

After MonaVie sales declined sharply the past 2-3 years, there have been many “MonaVie Black Diamonds” which is one of the top ranks in their company where you earn roughly $1.5 million per year, who have left the company.

I can’t say that I am very surprised that leading network marketers Brig and Lita Hart have also decided to leave MonaVie.

Just a few short years ago Brig Hart was the top income earner in not only MonaVie, but the network marketing industry as a whole earning  over $12 million per year.

Like any business though, there are roller coasters… and like I stated above the past few years haven’t been in favor of MonaVie if  you ask me, because Brig Hart and many other MonaVie Millionaires incomes dropped by not just 6 figures, but in some cases over 7 figures per year.

There were some rough estimates out there that MonaVie’s sales were down by between 30-40% and that was the reason as to why the top income earners saw such a drastic pay cut. If people aren’t ordering as much juice as they used to, or none at all… they don’t get paid as much.

Brig Hart Leaves MonaVie: What About Brig’s Team?

One of the main comments and concerns I usually see being posted when a top distributor and leader of a sales force leaves is what about their team? Who will guide them to a successful rebound now that the world’s leading network marketer has left?

I personally wouldn’t be too concerned right now if I was a member of Brig Hart’s MonaVie team. He has great leaders on his team and I don’t think that all of them are just going to up and leave their million dollar incomes.

Brig has Steve and Gina Merritt who, for the most part have been the most active leaders out in the field building MonaVie from my experience. They are two very energetic network marketers and I would say that everybody who decides to stay in MonaVie is in good hands with Brig Hart’s Black Diamond leaders such as Steve & Gina, Matt Curtis, Scott Henry and many more.

brian mcmullen monavie
Top Vemma Earner Brian McMullen Buys Brig Hart’s MonaVie Biz

From the Business for Home Official Website:

Brian McMullen is taking over the distributorship as Brian did recently with Onyx Coale‘s MonaVie distributorship. Brian McMullen is also a top distributor in Vemma.

I am not sure how this will play out, since Vemma and MonaVie are both competing “juice based” network marketing companies.

How can a top earner in Vemma just buy 2 multi-million dollar MonaVie distributorships and stay in compliance?

So if anymore of Brig’s MonaVie Black Diamonds decide to leave the company, his distributorship was purchased by a veteran network marketer named Brian McMullen.

This dude must have some deep pockets if he was able to purchase not only Onyx Coale’s MonaVie distributorship, but Brig Hart’s which is much bigger.

I know Brig Hart is on to bigger and better things at this point in his life… he was more than retired after doing a total of $5.5 billion dollars in sales over at his time with Amway in the 80’s-90’s.

Brig Hart has recently taken on the Fishing/Surfing apparel company called Salt Life and started his own social organization that promotes conservative values called the USA Association. If you would like to partner up with me and Brig in the USA Association, feel free to contact me below so I can get you positioned! This is NOT MLM or network marketing we are onto something MUCH MUCH bigger here my friends.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about why Brig Hart leaves MonaVie!

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brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

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10 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Brig Hart Leaves MonaVie, Launches Healthy Home, and now Evolv Health

  1. Very surprised! Is Brig okay?
    What do you sell or promote?
    I was on the EU MV convention in disneyland last year march. Just to see it, not a distributor.
    Dave (Belgium)


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