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Guest Post: Empower Network Mastermind In Miami

Recently several of the leaders and top earners attended the Empower Network Mastermind in Miami, Florida.

Hi it’s Jason Temple. Here’s a snippet from the first night of the leadership mastermind in Miami:

There is nothing better than wonderful people, amazing great times, huge aspirations, dreams – and the true desire to change people’s lives. .  With that – anything is possible for anyone. We’ll see you at the next one

empower network miami mastermind

These are the kind of people who went to the Empower Network Mastermind.  People who truly care about your success.  These top leaders are marketing legends but they aren’t doing anything that anyone with half a brain can’t do.  There is no ‘hidden secret’, just the will to attain anything you want and never giving up until you achieve that goal.

Oh, and check this out… this is a music video my jedi master mentor Justin put together sharing some more behind the scenes video footage from the Empower Network Mastermind in Miami Beach…

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world!

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Why Did The Leaders Attend The Empower Network Mastermind in Miami?

When anyone has the chance to surround themselves with millionaires and pick there brain as to EXACTLY what they do to get their results it is pretty awesome.   Although we did not get attend this empower network mastermind, (there were limited seats and we waited too long.)  we will sure be at the next one that comes available.

In this world of online marketing where tactics, strategies, and team building are always changing, it is important to be able to learn form those who are winning at what they are doing.

empower network mastermind miami“Empower Network Mastermind Events” Are Truly Life Changing.  Before attending one of the masterminds I was stuck in my business…two weeks after the private event and after putting to use just one strategy I learned I earned $1,300 in one week!”

–Mini Stroudenger   Tulsa, Ok.  (32 year old stay-at-home mom) 

 If you wanted to learn how to play basketball would you like to be taught by Micheal Jordan or the little league coach next door who also coaches basketball for his sons team?

There simply is no substitute for being able to learn from the best there is.  And the Empower Network Mastermind is the best way to get that valuable information up and personal from the leaders.

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