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Truth About Vemma YPR: Can YOU Win With A Vemma YPR Team or Vemma PERIOD?!

Truth About Vemma YPR


Are you online today searching for some more information about the Vemma YPR Team?

Not 100% sure if you should join with a member of the YPR Vemma team due to a few scam claims online,  some misleading income disclosures from your friends or online, and other issues with Vemma or YPR you may have found across the internet today?

If you were wondering, YPR stands for Young People Revolution which is one of the fastest growing segments of the Vemma Nutrition company.

So yes after reading my title and now this, since they are one of the fastest growing teams in Vemma you can obviously find a mentor who is apart of YPR to help you get your Vemma business off the ground running.

Vemma YPR DISCLAIMER! (I’m NOT in the “YPR” or Vemma)

vemma ypr scamNow before we get any further, I just want you to know that I am NOT a distributor nor customer for Vemma or their YPR Team.

This Vemma YPR review will be completely unbiased and third party. I will be using facts to show you the pros and cons of joining the YPR Team so YOU can make an educated decision. I will also give you my opinion on Vemma & YPR because I have been in this industry close to 5 years now. I have made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of money in this industry, and maybe you have too… but I never quit and I learned from all those past mistakes.

Now I make TONS of cash on demand in network marketing. I went on to publish a book about the controversial MLM industry, and I have many students in Vemma YPR, Amway, Organo Gold and every other popular network marketing company you can think of. To be blunt, I know the MLM network marketing industry inside and out 🙂

…but so can YOU!

(That is what you get by investing in MLM education and marketing tools!)

So look, if the editors at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kindle all read my book about MLM and hit the approve button when it came time to publish, they must trust my faith and knowledge in the network marketing industry because of all the facts I provide, including the Pros AND Cons of my beloved network marketing industry. A lot of books some of these so called “network marketing gurus” write don’t get published due to all the hype, lies, and promises of  “Free BMW’s” and “Financial freedom in 90 days” haha!

So with that being said please… keep an open mind. Read this review like you have never heard of Vemma, and before you bash what I am saying just realize most of these statements are factual and can be found on the OFFICIAL VEMMA WEBSITE!

YPR Vemma: Before I dive in, let me say that Vemma is a great company!

They have great products and have been around almost a decade, and in a magazine article they asked Dr. Oz which vitamin he endorses and he said One a Day Men’s Vitamin and “liquid Vemma”. (NOT the business model however please don’t tell your prospects that) I tell you that because many MonaVie, Amway and Vemma distributors were either terminated or found themselves in some legal trouble by telling potential reps that Dr. Oz, Michael Jordan, and some of the other celebrity endorsements were actually in Vemma and building a business.

dr oz vemma
From the Official Vemma Website

Michael Jordan endorses Jordan SHOES his brand of SHOES but he doesn’t endorse the sweat shop over in China that produces them… he uses the Vemma product but DOES NOT endorse the Vemma business opportunity, make sense? Okay let’s move on.

So no its not a scam and I am not here to bash the company itself because I have mad respect for BK Boreyko and a few of my friends who are top earners in Vemma… but with all these young 18-25 year old Vemma YPR guys and gals going around and leading with “FREE BMW”,  their false income claims, illegal health testimonials, lying about how long they have been involved so it seems like they made thousands in 3 weeks vs 3 months… they are asking for it.

It is people like this who are giving Vemma & YPR a bad rep!

Not ALL YPR team members are using these crappy marketing tactics!

vemma BMW YPR

I have quite a few AWESOME, TALENTED students in the YPR Vemma team… It is not these guys, but the rookies who are lying and hyping up Vemma who give the network marketing industry a bad name!

You guys need to take a cold hard look at what you are doing… you know who you are.

Posing with your mentors “FREE VEMMA BMW or Mercedes” is fine if you are going to post it on Facebook and say “WOW look what my mentor earned by promoting Vemma!”

No problem with that, but I once saw a stream of pictures on Instagram of a White Vemma BMW parked in the same spot with 10 different Vemma promoters using their own personal Instagram accounts going to stand in front of it, or sit in it all by themselves, to post the caption as “FREE BMW I JUST GOT WITH VEMMA! MSG ME FOR MORE INFORMATION!”

Now I could be wrong, but do you really think 10 different people, all drove to one location in their 10 separate White BMW 3 series models with Vemma stickers in the same place?

Doubt it… their YPR up line mentor probably drove it to this parking lot, had all his new team members pose by it and share the photos on FB, Twitter or Instagram to generate some fast customer or distributor sales.

THESE are the Vemma YPR reps who are giving our amazing industry a bad name, and that is why I felt it was my duty to research deeper into Vemma, YPR and all the hype that is surrounding it.

So there you have it folks… a third party break down of the Vemma YPR hype!

I plan on making this into a 2-3 part series where I dig deeper into the Vemma compensation plans pros and cons, their BMW/Mercedes car program, and much much more… stay tuned my friends!

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