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I Found The “Miracle” To My Network Marketing Business To Turn Me From The Hunter Into The Hunted!

Are you exhausted with contacting “cold-market” prospects?

Do you feel like you are bugging people with your GREAT opportunity?

Do you have excited prospects one minute, and the next minute they are M.I.A.?

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a hunter?

Wouldn’t you like to be hunted by endless amounts of prospects?

Well these are all problems that most Network Marketers struggle with, so don’t feel distraught or that you are doing something wrong! That’s the worst thing you could do, but unfortunately that is what most people in our profession tend to do. They blame the company, the compensation plan, and the product etc.

I have been in a my business for the past 6 months and I must say that it is everything I have ever hoped it would be. It has given me free time to do with what I please, it has given me extra money, and for the first time in my life I actually feel fulfilled. But, I have had all the occurrences, and all the failures, and hard times happen to me. And quite frankly still are. Stuff that our up line does not tell us we will go through unfortunately. But can you blame them? What sane person would tell someone all of the stuff that they went through? In all reality it might scare them away. Well I’m a no BS type of guy. I like to be told real statistics and probabilities for the profession I’m in. Which is why I wrote this article for you today.

Oh and just so you guys know I’m ‘for real’ I figured I would post this screenshot for November 2013 of the leaderboard for the past 30 days. Although I am not ranked #1, I am still ranked #15 out of tens of thousands of other marketers using the Magnetic Sponsoring Marketing system… I can help YOU get the results that you want, if you let me help you! Contact me below and we will set up your game plan!

joshua weiss leaderboard
Josh Weiss Hits the Leaderboard

I wrote this to give you reassurance about this profession!

It is in my opinion one of the greatest opportunities for the average person to exceed the normal lifestyle that so many are accustomed to. But, you have to have the right tools and guidance to endure the hardships and failures. Personal development is the best way to do this! Read any information to grow your mind and business that you can get your hands on.

By far, the best information on our profession is about to be given to you below! There are 7 videos that changed my viewpoint on the network marketing profession. If you act on these videos, any failure or hardships you have been through can be solved. I PROMISE you that.

So here is the videos that will guarantee you endless amounts of prospects that will turn you from the hunter into the hunted! Are you ready for a change? Check it out.

Joshua weissGuest Post By:

Joshua Weiss


Attraction Marketing Expert



Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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