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Wake Up Now Review: Is There a Wake Up Now SCAM You Should Watch Out For?

Wake Up Now Review

wake up now reviewIf you have found yourself here then there is a good chance you are looking for more information about the direct sales company Wake Up Now that is currently one of the fastest growing companies in our industry based on data from

So what is Wake Up Now? Is it a scam? And most importantly can you make money with WUN?

The CEO and founder of Wake Up Now is Troy Muhlestein, a “veteran” marketer.

The reason I put the ” ” over veteran is because When you search Google for information about this individual, you won’t find anything negative. The problem is, you won’t find a great deal of information at all. Which threw up a huge red flag for me. Previous success in MLM is one of the best indicators of future success and a good leader. But If there is barely any information about Mr. Muhlestein having previous MLM experience how do you know he is a “veteran” like he claims to be?

If you are familiar with this company, please comment below to share what you know.

Wake Up Now Review – The Products

wake up now products

The Wake Up Now products are very interesting to say the least.

From financial software, to online shopping, to even their own travel club, they certainly look like products you might use for yourself or for your family. With the Wake Up Now HUB program, what you are paying for is a monthly subscription to their services.

With this subscription you have permission to buy certain through their “club.”

This may be a terrific deal, but it is kind of hard to sell unless you actually join and use the service. There are certain companies out there with these discount savings clubs, or vacation discount certificates, and when it comes time for you to actually shop, you end up spending more money on these products that you normally would because you have to pay between $25 and $100 per month to become a member of Wake Up Now.


Now lets dissect the Wake Up Now Compensation plan.

Most of the money in the comp plan is tied to building a team of members who have all purchased a subscription plan under you or one of your team members.

According to company documents, around 60% of revenue is paid back out to the field reps.

This is certainly a fair percentage to say the least. I know a few companies where you are lucky to get 30% of revenue back out to the field reps, so 60% is more than generous in my opinion.

The key to your success in Wake Up Now is being able to build a team, and helping the people you bring in build a team as well.

With the way the compensation plan is designed, I believe with a team of 12 you are earning around $600 a month which really isn’t bad, unless you cannot recruit 12 then you may be faced with quite a problem.

Wake Up Now Review – Can You Earn an Honest Living?

So can you have success in Wake Up Now? Of course you can! You can have success in anything you do, the real question is will you continue to pursue Wake Up Now after all your friends and family has told you no?

Most people only talk to their friends and family about home business and once they hear no twenty times they get made, discouraged as usually end up quitting.

But what if I told you there was a way to get qualified leads to call you? People who are already interested in Wake Up Now and ready to join your team.

Odds are it would help you grow your business to new levels, am I right?

Of course it would! I know I’d rather have 5-10 people calling me a day asking about my business compared to me chasing people down seeing if they are interested in making money from home. Because odds are they probably are not.

So look friends if your are ready to start having qualified people call you about WUN, with credit card in hand ready to join, give me a call and let me, help you dominate Wake Up Now and have you earning that $600 every week!

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