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What is Brig Hart’s New USA Association?

About USA Association

If you believe as we do that the miracle that is America was built on a foundation of Faith, Family and Free Enterprise and that those principles are being threatened by extremely powerful, well funded organizations and political elements then you should join our cause.

By supporting the USA Association you receive premier member benefits but more importantly you enable the USA Association to donate on a large scale to conservative and faith based organizations that share your values.  We choose to support partners that have proven over time to be influential in Washington and those that already reach and inform millions of conservative Americans including the Christian and Country music industries.

As a USA Association member you are supporting a meaningful cause and you also receive a premier package of benefits; 24 hour roadside service [a $139 value], 24 Hour Nurse and Doctor Hotline [save a trip to the doctor – co pay rates are going way up as a result of HealthCaid, known as Obamacare], 4 unique discount shopping programs, a wholesale shopping program with over 300,000 items, dining, recreation, travel, rental, a cash rebates mall and much more. The savings programs alone make sure our members keep more money in their pockets than they pay each month.



Our job first and foremost is to provide our members with value far beyond the cost of membership. We are here because of you and the thousands like you. We are blessed to have such a strong community of supporters that not only enroll themselves but have encouraged thousands that share our values to join too. There is much power in our numbers. Thank you for your trust and confidence so we may help each other expose and combat the powerful liberal agendas that have crept into every facet of our society from children’s TV programs, movies, kindergarten on up through colleges, music and politics. Our social fabric is being changed from a Godly, Capitalist society that made America great to a secular and more socialist society. We are standing with you to uphold the values we cherish; Faith, Family & Free Enterprise.

The USA Association is focused on issues that should matter to every American. USA pledges allegiance to the founding principles that made America the greatest nation in history — Faith, Family, & Free Enterprise.

usa association


  • Prescription
  • Travel, Hotel
    and Car Rentals
  • Insurance
    and Financial
  • Leisure and
    • 24-Hour
      Nurse Hotline
    • Roadside


  • 300,000 below
    retail products
  • Excellent Discount
    Shopping Programs

We are a faith based, conservative organization that believes in the sanctity of life and marriage. We believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, a strong military and low taxes. We believe America is at a historic crossroads and a battle for the hearts and minds of every American must be waged aggressively and vigorously in order

to expose and combat the well-funded and very powerful agendas being driven by organizations and political elements that are changing America from a Godly, Capitalist nation into an entitlement society bent on becoming a secular, socialist nation.

brig hart
Mick Karshner, The MLM Jedi, Brig Hart and I

FOUNDERS: Brig & Lita Hart

Brig Hart is one of the most successful Micro-Entrepreneurs in the history of the Direct Selling industry. He has produced multi-billions in sales for the companies he has represented. USA Association is not a direct selling business – it is a premier membership organization with a cause. He is passionate about the values of the USA Association – Faith, Family, & Free Enterprise. He has endeavored for more than 30 years to share these values from the stage and in his teaching and training programs.
He is committed to making a difference in this great country and doing everything in his power to getting our leaders to re-focus on these values.

To Join the USA Association Today- Click Join & Enter this Referral Info:
USA ID# 100663
Port St. Lucie



Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

6 thoughts on “What is Brig Hart’s New USA Association?

  1. Brig Hart is an AMAZING leader. Probably one of the most generous guys I have ever met… every time I hear him speak on stage or even from my computer it gives me the chills. Great guy!


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