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Xango News: VP of Communications for XANGO Announces New Compensation Plan

xango compensation planAccording to Dave Webb, who is the VP of Communications for Xango, the company will introduce a new compensation plan in September.

Here is what Mr. Webb had to say:

September 2013 marks the bold beginning of a momentous era within Xango and across the MLM landscape: At our XANGO Bold 2013 international convention, we’ll introduce a product that, similar to what XANGO Juice has done since 2002, will address the needs and desires of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

New Xango Compensation Plan?

This product, code named “X926” is a game-changer. XANGO is the opportunity company. And the opportunity engine that will power this new product and the business into the stratosphere is a brand-new comp plan within a comp plan, something never before fulfilled in the industry.

XANGO has led with innovation since our very first day, and this new opportunity actually is a compliment to the already stellar XANGO compensation plan: If you’ve been with XANGO one day, one year or one decade, your business remains intact and your efforts to this point let you build with the new product and opportunity from your established foundation. It truly is the best of both worlds.

We’ve taken the game-changing facets of the original XANGO compensation plan — like true 50% payout of commissionable volume, UniLevel commissions, dynamic compression and more — and we’ve added elements that set us even further apart from other plans. Without divulging too much too soon, here are a few pieces that have people so fired-up a full month before the official launch:

• The compensation plan for X926 will be volume-based, not based in structure.

• A lifestyle bonus we call “Drive Your Own Dream”

• Rank-advancement bonuses

• Reward trips even beyond the thousands of trips we’ve provided to this point

• Perhaps most noteworthy of all: We’re paying 5% on the 9th level.

And we’ve made it so that this new plan is available universally, right out of the gates — which is ideal for fueling the fastest-growing segment of our business, the Distributor-led “MB30” (“Millionaire by 30”) movement for entrepreneurs 18-30 years old.

This MB30 segment seems very very similar to the whole Young People Revolution or “YPR” going on at Vemma Nutritional company. It is headed up by 23 year old Alex Morton who is one of the top income earners in Vemma, now bringing in over $90,000 per month.

All along the way we’ve partnered with our Distributor leaders, and we’ve locked in on what’s necessary for fanatical, frenzied growth AND sustainable, enduring stability. XANGO is the company that brought mangosteen to the world . . . that led with the most generous compensation plan in the industry . . . that created more than 100 million-dollar-earners (and 27 multi-million-dollar-earners) in its first 10 years.

And XANGO is the company that will introduce a revolutionary new product and pair it with a revolutionary compensation plan, creating opportunity and massive growth in ways previously only dreamed of.

Read the original article here.

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